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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hurricane Chris Out to Sea. Beryl Remnants Remain a Possible Problem. DIY Ideas and Hurricane Prep. Busy Year So Far and It's Early. Do You Have a Hurricane Plan?


Only cities that need to worry about wind from Chris.

Looks good...doesn't it?
Far off shore.
Not bothering Bermuda or East Coast.
Just cruising along NE at 22 MPH

Put it in motion.

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Hurricane Chris is churning up the waters of the Atlantic far away from the Atlantic coast to have any impact other than high surf and small craft should probably be aware it's there. If you have a small craft you are usually aware of the weather as it's the first thing you need to check before taking the small craft out into the water obviously. So even though you can go online and see these stunning visual images of a big hurricane off the coast know it's staying off the coast. 

The truth is unless you live on Cape Cod you aren't worried about Chris and they aren't really worried as they have winter storms that are way stronger than hurricanes. That's what they ALWAYS tell me, my friends up in those parts. "Oh we have real Nor'easters stronger than hurricanes" and yeah that's because they die before they get up to your cold waters. Kind of clueless in ways as what they often experience is not what people experience on the Pacific Islands that are lashed by 185 MPH winds or the hell that Hurricane Maria created when it sandblasted an island in the Atlantic before going on to disrupt life in Puerto Rico where life is still being put back together. Yes, I know your Nor'easters are awesome but nothing compared to a slow moving West Indies Hurricane. Nuff said on that. 

So in truth no one really cares that much about Chris other than from a visual and academic perspective. In truth last night it looked to be a Major Hurricane, Cat 3 yet was kept at Cat 2 with long discussion explaining why they kept it at Cat 2 strength when it appeared to be a Major hurricane. For the record books it was a Cat 2 with a Cat 3 appearance. What's 5 MPH between friends? It's an impressive hurricane here too early making 2018 a now busy hurricane season with good ACE numbers so let's store those headlines about a dead hurricane season away and put them in a file named 2018 Hurricane Season. Yes, some people actually have files; some keep newspapers and others keep intricate folders on their computers. Hurricane Trackers and Chasers should really be renamed for that they truly are and I've done it so you can include me in for my own chasing days. We are Hurricane Stalkers. That's the real honest way to put it, yet it's not so politically correct so we call ourselves "Storm Chasers" but really people are just stalking the storm trying to touch it's energy, understand it and get pictures of it to store away in their cache of memories.

And, when Chris goes out to sea........ people look elsewhere to see what's next.

So what's next? 

The remnants of Beryl remain a question. I'd use the word quandary but I've used that already so let's just say it's a big question. Currently at Noon it's still 50/50 and you ask why I bet? Yet there is a huge about of convection over a large area traveling en masse off the East Coast following in the wake of Hurricane Chris. Waters some what cooler than they were before Chris visited and not very warm to begin with in July. Well, warm enough for something but not for real trouble to happen. We are on the C storm looking for the D storm in early July. If this continues we will need to worry about hurricanes that play peek a boo with cold fronts and high pressure systems in this part of the Atlantic as those powers that be often bring real trouble to the coastline; trouble not just high surf and riptides.

So Chris exits stage right.

Models have been playing with Beryl's remnants.
The presence of a storm of any kind...
...keeps the ante up and the NHC is monitoring it.

Note on the 5 day that X is orange.
The 2 day is shown below.
You can see the ripple in the winds on Earthnull

Models below show the weak concern.
Weak as in currently nothing is there.
But in general the water is hot in the Bahamas.
And it's quite warm just offshore.
The Gulf Stream is always warm.
Especially in July.

Note the 3 model slivers below show two things worth noting. One is the presence of the remnants of Beryl trying to form into some sort of closed low. Those remnants actually loop about much like Chris did for a day or two. Chances are only 50/50 and it's worth remembering Beryl was always enigmatic so expect more odd behavior if it does really try and form. Also note the strength of the high to it's right over the Atlantic.

As models keep throwing out this close in solution.
The NHC will continue giving it medium odds.
50/50 in the 5 day.
It would be pretty amazing for X Beryl to pull that off.

A wave near Africa exits and enters the stage.
Short window to stay alive.
But so far not expected to develop.

Note Global Hazards Map highlights the area still.

Lastly leaving you with some Hurricane Prep reading.

I don't usually click on "promoted links" 
But sometimes it's worth looking.
This is actually a very good link.

May try this to see if it works.

Besides the light I imagine it would scent the air.
Without power the air gets stale... you might want to check this out.

Hurricanes are happening this year.
Despite cool water by Africa or EL Nino later in the year.
We have had 2 hurricanes by early July.
Worth checking on what you would do...
...if a hurricane came to visit you.
Unwanted guests are the worst...

ACE is happening.

It's worth getting a Hurricane Plan.

If not now when?

Better now than later.
Heard a saying last night.
If you have the time to do something.... it now before time runs out.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Do you really want to be that person?

Give it time.
It's really funny.
Been there trust me.
You don't really want to be that person...

Not a loaf left.
Canned tuna and meat gone too.....

Hurricanes Happen.
Even in years going into an El Nino 

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