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Saturday, July 07, 2018

TS Beryl Moving Towards Islands. Weaker But Watches UP... Off the Carolinas.. So Close I Can Almost Feel it is TD 3 Forecast to be TS Chris

Just the basics tonight because I'm going out.
And there isn't much new to say.
Hurricane Beryl is Tropical Storm Beryl.
As expected.
Pathetically naked swirls are beautiful.

Everyone likes to rag on them.
But you can finally see Beryl's center.
As shown a few days ago.
Beryl was very much a remake of Chantal.

Chantal below.
You can read thru my old posts.
I went into longer discussion.

More discussion on this tomorrow.
Watches are up for the Islands.
Just in case...

All eyes turn towards TD3
Soon to be TS Chris off the Carolinas.

While this site known as Earthnull..
doesn't show everything.
It's hows it's closed center.
And developing existence.
Avila explains why not below.

Basically elongated (that's a reason?)
And recon didn't find the winds.
Better luck tomorrow.
Good news is the current track keeps it off shore.
Some cities in the "wind probs"
We will see how it plays out in real time.

NHC forecasts for Chris above.

We should wake up to Chris in the morning.

As for me I'm going out tonight.
The weather cooled off to beautiful.
I walked in the rain to Synagogue this morning.
A light rain that ended later than expected.
I'll update tomorrow morning.
Short post here for late night birds who can't sleep.
Or who are reading up on the tropics.

Have a wonderful night!

Besos Bobbistorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps...Not sure but the song was in my mind so.. going with it.
Make the best of it...
...hope you have the time of your life!


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