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Monday, July 24, 2017

Tropical Atlantic Still Slow - Make Up and Hurricanes.

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So let's start off with the basics as the song teaches us it is a very good place to start.

There is nothing out there.
There is a wave over Africa (i know i say that often)
The models are flirting with the wave.
Even the EURO is showing some interest.
Til then I want to discuss a few things.
Make up ... 
Everything in the universe can teach us something.
(I saw it on a poster in TJMaxx...)

This is mostly for women who wear make up and will really understand this discussion. It's also for guys who want to see how beautiful women become even hotter with the help of make up. Unless you like the natural look in which case your wife secretly hates you! So follow along.

A wave needs to have a look... some look of a low pressure system attached or a good moisture pocket with a few early signs it could one day have banding. If it wants the EURO to notice it needs to have a basic look to it.

You need good bones to really be a classic beauty. There are all sorts of beautiful non classic people who have their day in the sun just as there are Tropical Storms such as Cindy that played in the Gulf of Mexico early in the season. A little young, raw and perhaps not good with her style yet but hey it was June you were expecting Miss Universe? I don't think so.. not in June. Cindy probably didn't even graduate past Clinique to Estee Lauder but well she ran out of time and money over Louisiana. She did try using a lot of Rimmel eye liners but all the colors sort of ran together and well Cindy was a mess. But she definitely got a name so she did achieve something. Cindy Crawford she was not.

Beyond having good bones you need to work with what you got. Make the most of the good things and cover up the rest. You need to do something to treat the skin. You need moisturizers at night to keep the skin soft and touchable. You need a primer to keep the make up on and hopefully the moisturizer in. Moisturizer is to the skin is important. Dry conditions can rob a raving beauty of her moisture and her skin begins to flake. Clinique has lots of things for that if you are wondering. Only shop when they are giving out Gifts With Purchase. Their products are good anytime, however the GWP thing is like when the MJO moves into the Atlantic Basin in August and we are suddenly set to party. It's like Extra Credit at the beginning of the test!

SAL still a culprit. 
Those waves need all the moisture they can get.

Moisture is important. A hurricane needs moisture. Too much partying with SAL causes stress, blemishes, wrinkles and dry skin. Dry is not good for skin nor for tropical systems. My Grandma,  a true Southerner, told me when young that is why Southern Women are always so beautiful because up north with those seasons you get all dried out. She also used a parasol to keep the sun off her face, unlike my mother who developed skin cancer early on but I digress.  In order to go the distance a good wave needs to moisten up often, day and night to be all that it can be...

A pop of color always helps.
Tropical waves need a good amount of color to really get the attention of the forecasters at the NHC. The Euro will totally ignore a wave that doesn't get color down the road. Add color to catch attention.

It's also important to keep that color going. A good foundation is important. Any Miami beauty knows that. If you don't use the right make up just slides off before you even get into the car. Only tourists drive convertibles ... know why? Messes up your hair, you get too much sun and you make up slides off too fast. Well, in January we use convertibles. LA babes drive convertibles all the time. Know why? The humidity is less and their make up doesn't slide off.

Things just don't happen in the tropics because the calendar page has turned. To get the EURO to really go GAGA you have to catch it's attention and continue with sustained drama.

Lastly lipstick. Nothing catches attention faster than a pop of color on the lips. If you want all the young weather guys making weather videos to catch your attention a good wave needs to add some color to the lips. Note it needs enough structure you can find the lips. It's easy to find the eye of a real hurricane but the lips can be trickier. They are sort of like those vortexes in the eye that swirl around making us weather people go "oooh and ahhh" and get weak knees and want to sit by the computer and stare endlessly for hours.

So that's my tropical thoughts for they day. I do use moisturizer and I do use Estee Lauder Double Wear and I do love a little eye liner and a bit of lipstick.

I'm waiting to buy some new eye shadow but waiting for the MJO to show it on sale with a Gift For Purchase. And why I wonder to women not do weather videos like the guys do? I mean there must be a few out there somewhere who went to some meteorology school. Next blog post I may show some more videos but more meteorological ones If that wave that just came off of Africa manages to figure out how to spin low under SAL I'll wait for the next wave. A friend who is a surfer always tells me not to take the first wave.

Hurricane Donna in 1960 that came rolling off of Africa downing an airplane and killing people before it even reached our side of the world was NOT the first wave of the season. But Donna was a born beauty, a deadly beauty that came rolling off of Africa in late August. Time will tell. Stay tuned. I hope you understood this and continue watching some good videos explaining make up. Apply the moisturizer rule to the tropical waves and some continuous wear foundation with a pop of color that stays long enough to even catch John Hope's attention and you will have a Hurricane Emily.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps I'm just messing with you. Tomorrow I'll me showing some videos on hair products.

;) love u... love me.

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