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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Invest 96L All Alone ...For Now. Another Wave Behind. SAL In Charge. They Should the Atlantic SALVILLE

Don had two choices.
Spin up fast or spin down fast.
Don is done.

Well there's a wave behind 96L waiting in the wings for upgrade to 97L
There's always another wave this year.

rb-animated.gif (1120×480)

You can see the dry Saharan Dust to the North of 96L

They move in tandem.
Everything moves West.
More blasts of Saharan Dust come off of Africa.
More waves move off of Africa.
At some point later in the summer.
The waves get stronger and the SAL weaker.
Every year is different.
But this year the waves keep coming.
Some years the waves are inferior.
This year they are strong enough to be Invests.
Some have made TS status.
Bret and Don.
Perhaps a storm with a longer name would live longer?
But I digress...

Normally we have weak no neck waves.
Poorly formed waves.
This year we have great waves.
But they all look alike.
They look like GMO waves.
I'm getting suspicious.
It's like they have been genetically modified.
All born to die by 55 West.
Except Bret & Don didn't obey....
Maybe they are like robots waves?

Okay I'm being a bit silly but watching tropical waves that are just strong enough for designation but not strong enough to do more this time of year can take a lot out of you. Last night when they pulled the plug on Don I got a really bad migraine. Then the migraine medicine made me sick :( 
I'm going to take the day off and not stare at the loops and not watching any models as the models so far haven't been that great. Expect this Invest to make it into the islands as on open wave. And that is the problem. Unless something changes down the road the waves will only get stronger, the SAL will only get weaker and frontal boundaries ....some day once again... will begin to show up on satellite imagery. As the fronts appear the waves begin to get more viable and they also begin to turn more to the WNW after going West and that is when we have to worry. Until then I suggest lots of water to fight off dehydration and a really good sense of humor. Keep watching as Mike has all the information on his tropical grids and I'll update again when I have something to say. You know like Mr. Ed. He never talks unless he has something to say.......  Google it on Youtube. Until then the Tropical Cyclone Sheriff's Department AKA SAL is TOTALLY IN CHARGE!!!

Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps... Hey you win some you lose some. CMC was the only model gunning for upgrade to Don and I'm still at a loss to understand the NHC going with the CMC model as it's not their top gun which is the EURO model as the GFS is not yet up to par. But in truth the strength of the waves and the strong track patter seemingly set in stone for now (until fronts pull them North) is a compelling question as to what the real hurricane season will show us after August begins. 

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