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Friday, July 14, 2017

Tropical Doldrums of July. Celebrate Bastille Day and Have Fun ...Hope You Have a Hobby...

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There it is the tropics in motion.
There was some talk XTD4 flares up in GOM.
New wave and ULL interaction again.
Dust Storm in the Atlantic.
Weak waves wandering Westbound.

Mike pointing out the obvious.
Tropical doldrums are normal for this time of year.
Actually more storms form in Mid June...
...than first part of July.
SAL could be one of those reasons.
Shuts down the Atlantic..keeps the waves weak.
Unless a good cold front stalls out ... 
(not happening this week only thing cold is ice cream)

So this is the time of year it's good to have a hobby.
I was working on some Key West History last night.

My family lived on that block in the 1880s.
Weddings in Israel and Miami kept me busy this year.
Haven't been "home" in a while.
But went over some notes on a story last night. 

Here's what some of us are doing this week...

Phil knows when to hit the road...

Greg is watching coronal mass ejections. 
He actually said Geomagnetic Storms.

Some believe there is a link between these and weather.
Academics study whether they lead to upticks in tropical weather.

Dadabuh does surfing as we know.
So does his talented daughter.
Check out her board ..she did the artwork!

It's Bastille Day and that's a good excuse to drink wine...
And find some good French food.

The GFS model is showing some action.
It's also on it's last legs.
GFS = Lame Duck
Being retired for the new Para GFS.
Time will tell.

The Euro does not.

Thanks to my friends last night for keeping me sane today.
I vented late at night on the GFS nonsense.
Thanks Cody... 
It just keeps hitting Florida.
Over and over.
IF Miami gets a hurricane later in the year.
I guess it's will have the last laugh.
It's a lame duck and being replaced.

Feel free to read up on the Real Great Miami Hurricane.
Roaring 20s and the sound of a roaring Hurricane.
Note the depression did make it to Miami as remants.
Track good, intensity forecast poor.
Do you know why Normandy Isle is named Normandy Isle?
Google that :)

One of my all time favorite places to be in Miami is the Historical Museum. There's an exhibit going on there currently about the Miami Hurricane. Go, enjoy... do some research in the research library. I've spent many a day doing research there or talking to Paul George on Miami History. If I was in Miami now that's what I'd do. And while in MIamiyou can get a snack at Le Provence nearby on Flagler Street or ... just go to Brickell. Just do it!

So enjoy life.
Be happy.
Smell the roses.
Cook up a storm.
Have some good wine.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps This movie was before my time.
But one of the first songs I learned to play on the piano.
Grandma Mary liked playing it on the piano.
She really played... I played at playing.
Hey I can twirl a baton...
Watched the movie on TV.
Edited movie on TV I should say.
My mother told me I was too young to watch it.
I was never too young for anything!
We used to hide little TVs in our rooms for things days that.
Now days few of my kids have TVs anymore.

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