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Sunday, July 09, 2017

NHC BE LIKE NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN... EX TD4 Still Flaring up at Night & African Wave Ignored. As is Strong MDR Tropical Wave & BOC Convection. Models in the Doghouse...

Officially nothing happening.

State of the tropics below with strong tropical waves.
Consistent convection in BOC
Lots of color for early July.

Wide loop because Floaters have been banned this weekend!

rb-animated.gif (1120×480)

(sure hope XTD4 doesn't do South Beach at night...)
XTD4 Parties at night.
There's some impulse there that doesn't let go completely.
BOC getting interesting.
New wave leaves Africa (water so cold brrr)
MDR wave shows life.
And the beat goes on...

Models show development possible.
However these were the models that liked 94L
NHC kind of burned out on models today.
Love/Hate relationship going.
Gotta have model support.....
..but they kind of missed the problems with 94L aka TD4

So we are now moving into the SHOW ME State of mind.
Show me the money honey.
Show me you won't fizzle out again.
Show me you can fight off Cousin SAL

But oh wait........there may be a hero in the wings.

MJO watch up on Spaghetti Models

IF something develops a cyclonic signature...
we may see a floater once again one day.
Or maybe a real Invest again on NRL
I heard they brought therapists in after TD4

Models you ask? I know you really want to see the models. Take them with sea salt as they have been overproducing on many levels of late not totally dealing with reality ...that reality being Cousin SAL. But MJO is on it's way so they say so ... maybe for the MJO believers the fix is in for a wave to get the name Don. But if it doesn't form ...don't say I didn't warn ya. NHC be all like "I see NOTHING" right now. Give them time, space, therapy .. maybe some good ice cream or a day out on the water and they may believe again in the models. Never say never...

Hmnnn GFS takes the wave all the way up the coast..

Euro takes a huge Tstorm over South Florida.
Good invest perhaps?

GFS hungry for action... 
Does NC after SFL on way to NE
Really I can't go there..
..I too swore off the models til Monday.

This is what you should really be watching.
The wave itself and if it develops a real center.
Models will be much more reliable.
A single, well aligned center.

ft-l.jpg (720×480)

XTD4 on right...
New wave entering stage left..

Stay tuned.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter
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