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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Yellow 20% in Atlantic... Slow Days and Quiet Nights in the Tropics.

Just going to point out the obvious in that the NHC has put up an oblong yellow circle in the Atlantic with low 20% chances of slow development. Slow development and yet this is more s short term thing than something with long term hopes. The PARA GFS liked it enough for the NHC to highlight it. They are only paying attention these days I suppose to the PARA that is set to take over for the soon to be retired and put out to sea somewhere in the NE Atlantic old GFS model.  But seems the PARA really isn't on board and only the GFS has it developing weakly and sliding West into Central American eventually. The Euro as of this time doesn't seem to pay attention to anything forming. This changes rapidly and I'd be surprised if the yellow circle lasts. Time will tell. But it's there so mentioning it.

This gives a good view of where it will go..
as a named system or just a wave.

But that's what we do this time of year in the tropics.

Lack of moisture is due to the high dry SAL.
You know that if you are here...

Not as bad as it was.. but typical for July.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

I've ignored it here as it's been showing up on the following site.
The little purple dot more a splotch got bigger.
Again it has vague model support.
But nothing to write home about..

EPAC is active, Atlantic not really.

I've noticed some people are odd tonight.
They get that way when nothing happening.
I'm sort of mellow but I do like tropical action.
It's July.
It is what it is... 
Can't blame the NHC or the models.
It is what it is... 

We followed a tropical depression across the Atlantic.
In some ways that's pretty amazing.
Rare for a wave to make it across the pond...
...and wash up onto the beaches of South Florida.
Try throwing a message in a bottle and see where it goes?
Sometimes...the high tide brings it right back to you.
Yep, you throw something away... 
...and then it shows up again.

Just something to think about.. 
..while tropics are lazy.

Besos BobbiStorm
@BobbiStorm on Twitter


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