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Friday, May 26, 2017

Hello Florida...Hurricane Predictions 2017. Sure Bet It Will Be A Busy Season.

I'm going to make a prediction you can take to the bank. A forecast that is totally 100% reliable. Hurricane Season begins officially June 1st and there will be named tropical systems. Actually we already had one so that's bet I couldn't lose. Tropical Storm Arlene came and went way before the season officially started. Those rules do not work with NASCAR or at the Dog Track however we do allow named storms before the flag has been waved.

Tropical Storm Arlene began the season before the flag was waved; before TV stations showed "how to prepare" videos and before the Internet went crazy with headlines on the start of the season.  You know the kind that Accuweather put up this morning of possible tracks for this coming Hurricane Season at the top of this blog.

Jim Williams from put up a map of possible tracks for this year on May 15th that is very similar to the one that Accuweather put up today although I doubt they did as much work mathematically on calculations. The general feeling on social media outlets, weather websites and in meteorological discussion is that storms could affect the SE and Eastern Gulf of Mexico more than other places. Again it's a prediction and they can happen anywhere at anytime as TS Arlene already showed us...

Split the uprights in the Accuweather chart and Jim's 2017 City Predictions and Florida is more likely to be in the cross hairs this year than most years.

Do not get distracted by mitigating factors such as El Nino forming late or SAL being a problem or SHEAR saving the day. This is not Superman or Batman and people love to have a hero and a villain it seems. It is what it is... it IS Hurricane Season. And one of these names below may come calling on your city despite shear, SAL and the ever popular El Nino.

NOAA predicts we get to Lee.

We could easily see Maria this year trust me.

CSU says Katia.
TWC says Nate.

The only sure thing is ... we have already seen Arlene!
So we start June 1st on the #2 storm Bret

So while out shopping on Memorial Day Weekend if you see something you might want to have for the Hurricane Season pretend June 1st is a birthday and buy the present for yourself. Seems Memorial Day Weekend is one of the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Be like a Scout and be prepared. Splurge and buy yourself something and hide it in the closet somewhere so no one uses up the supplies. Label it in a box TAX INFO or BILLS no one will look ;)

Be sneaky because Mother Nature is often sneaky as Tropical Storm Arlene has already shown. Let's see what other tricks Mother Nature has up her sleeve this Hurricane Season.

Please read:

Kind of worries me that these incredible high heels usually get more attention than the start of the Hurricane Season and many know the names of tracks at NASCAR or obsess on the first day of the Baseball Season than they do Hurricane Season. Arlene won the game before the first pitch was tossed. If you have a Millenial in your family send them a snap with pictures of Hurricane Supplies... they like pictures of food ;) Do whatever you got to do because Hurricane Season is happening whether you are ready or not....

And have an incredible Memorial Day Weekend!!
Besos BobbiStorm
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