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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Otto Odds up to 80% From NHC.

Prime Time Now.
Main page Yellow X 

5 Day shows the story plot line.

80% odds is pretty high.

Water Vapor Loop.

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

Watch the moisture streaming North.
SW Carib


Remember yesterday when I said there were two solutions.

Worth noting part of it's moisture is in the Pacific.
Just being honest.

Orange Juice Loop shows where the moisture goes.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Warm water available for tropical development.

TCHP.jpg (666×375)

And with the front moving down towards Florida.
This could bounce up towards Florida.
Note I said "could" not "would"
Just showing possibilities out there.

Translation for those of you not from Florida.
Focusing on the "now" heavy rains will affect Central America.
Yet the picture is worth a thousand words.

Ever hear the term "swan song" ??
2016 may be going out with a bang tropically speaking.

There are still two solutions.
Or perhaps... the one in between?
Will they come together on a NNW movement?

Much like the country right now we are very divided.
What will Otto do?
Stay tuned.

We actually have 3 names for this system online.

Right now it's listed as 3 different names.
3 Faces of Otto?

Floater shows that above vs 90L

NRL shows it as 90L

And the floater that's up is listed differently.

NHC kind of mixing it up there.

What bothers me more is taking off the Dvorak.
I'm old school. I like it.

Sort of mixing it up here today.

Otto. Odd. 
Not over yet.
This is 2016.. 
It's the year of the unexpected.
Remember Julia forming over land?

The set up is below.
A cold front. 
Draped across Florida.
An area in the Caribbean.

Good thing this is not October.

But this is not 2006 it is 2016.
Ten years later.

This is the Swan Song of 2016.
The year that brought you Alex, Colin and Matthew.
Otto would be the Swan Song.
Should it form as it is forecast to get it's shot.

What is most odd in ways here is ...
So many names for one system.

The 2007 Hurricane Season had some odd similarities.
Storms forming close in. 
Low riders.
Each season is different but worth a look.
It actually ended with Olga.

Otto. Odd. Are we finished?

I'll update later today.
I want to see the next set of model runs.
And I want to see how the frontal boundary evolves.


This is the middle of a memory...
...forming in real time!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps. A look back at Noel a Swan Song sort of storm.

I want to say it's good to look back sometimes. Noel on Miami Beach was a last blast of tropical action. I got sandblasted at the beach and there was street flooding on Miami Beach. Yes back when we had flooding on Miami Beach. Miami and most of Florida is at sea level. Without seal level rise we had problems so each year that goes by it seems to rise a little higher. 

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