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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Tropics. Election. Trump Wins. Maps.

Still watching Caribbean down the road.
Nothing going on right now.

So I'm going to show the real weather across the country here.

The nation is either celebrating or reeling in shock.
Not much weather going on... 
..some freeze warnings N of the Mason Dixie Line.
Not a big surprise there.

Speaking of Mason Dixie Line I hope the West Coast does not secede.
I mean they could that's one solid block of blue out there.

I love maps. 
Everyone round here knows I love maps.
I'm sort of a map slut.
Stole that from a movie.
Name that movie.

By county ....

You can make out the cities.
Miami to WPB
Tampa Bay (sorry Mike but you did win)
San Francisco.

Maps show much.
Sometimes a map tells a thousand words.

So America voted and my prediction was correct.
She's not going anywhere. 
Trust me.

Love ya all.
Today is a day to come together.
A day to process and reflect.
Oh and I'm going shopping.

Besos BobbiStorm.

Ps I bought that Lancome Gift. Good gift.
Full size mascara..the good ones.
Great blush and highlighter.
Cute old school Ballet Bag like I used to have...
Gifts for my daughters for Chanukah.
Giving my granddaughter lip gloss.
No she isn't that old..she thinks she is...

I'll update when there is something to update.
Hope President Elect Trump gives more money to the NHC.
Just how my mind works.......

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