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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

NHC Posts Yellow Circle Low Chances .. Gale Center Forming in Atlantic.. Could Go Tropical. November Long Shot

Best to go straight to the source with this one.
Here is the discussion below:

Let's break this down.

Elongated area of low pressure ENE of Islands.


In 24 hours it's going to become a "Non Tropical Gale"
But sometimes this time of year they go Tropical.

You ask what a "Non Tropical Gale" is?
It's a can or worms.
NHC has to open them every few years in late October or early November.

You can see from these links they are damned if they do and  . . .

Or 2013...

...damned when they don't.

It's a question of neither here nor there but something is there and the winds are Gale Force and they cover them and watch for any transition to Tropical Storms which they sometimes do. Note the Non Tropical Gale WILL form the yellow 20% is a possible transition down the line within 5 days. I hope that made sense. 


jsl-animated.gif (1120×480)

This is basically the area I've been watching.
The area we have all been watching.
It seems like weeks if not days.

It would go NE and not be a danger to land.
Okay maybe the Azores but that's down the road.
Seriously these systems can get quirky.

Oddly we are not watching the GOM

Winds too strong but still fun to watch the loops.

As for the Winter Watch people..
Winter is hung up in the NW.
Warm in the SE.

So I'm watching the weather... 
... politics this time of year.
Shopping for another family party in NYC this time.

Not that one ....cute tho...

It's neither here nor there.
Not really summer.. not really winter.
Must be fall.
Some people have early voted... 
Other's have not.
Some know who they are voting for..
..some still thinking on it.

Baseball almost over.
Football just hitting it's stride.

Non Tropical Gale

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

You can watch it form here.
Non Tropical Gales do not get names.
Just lots of second guessing around the weather community.
Not easy to be the NHC..

Stay tuned.

Oh did you turn the sound down?

Enjoy one of my favorite groups...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter.

Ps I'll update in real time as things evolve.

I voted!
Then I went to get a Starbucks Frappe ..

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