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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tropics on Hold With Possibilities. Snow in Forecast Later NOT Sooner. Good Weather Days. Political Wars in NC for Senate Race .. Endless Commercials.

wv-animated.gif (1120×480)

That's the zone where something "could" develop.
Or maybe even use the word "should" develop?
Would something develop it would be there!
In the moisture train.
South of the border line of high pressure.

This loop immediately reminds of the song below:


Though these days it should be TV.
So smart of the Millenials to give up TV.
Politics is rough this year.
And I don't mean the Presidential Race...
In NC the Senate Race between Ross and Burr.. Ewww

I mean they have more commercials on than T or H....
Why am I talking politics?
Cause when in Carolina I love watching this channel.
It's more like I leave it on for background noise.
Note Millenials never need background noise.
That's what Spotify is for... 
Anyway I look up when they do weather.

They do good weather especially during breaking weather.
Of course it's October so we have no weather here now.

So I actually watched 4 commercials BACK TO BACK
One explained why Burr was BAD.
The next explained why Ross Lied.
Then a Ross Commercial saying Burr LIED
Then Burr's wife defended her husband.
She did a nice job...

Lord it's worse than listening to Euro VS GFS discussion.
Oh my goodness... 
Make it stop.

Burr is a Republican. 
Confusing would be easier if Ross was..
But I'm an Indepedent.
I may do a write in for NOGAPS

Just kidding.

But seriously point here is there is no weather today.
Just endless political he said ..she said.
It's not like most of us haven't decided.
Why can't we just make this shorter.
It's gone on longer than the 2016 Hurricane Season.

Biggest winner in 2016 is Kellyanne Conway.
She's got her on fake character on Saturday Night Live.
I know Hilary supporters who love her.
They don't agree but they love to hear her talk.
She's become fascinating. Trump who?
And People wonder WHY did he pick Pence not her?
Her hair looks much better these days.

Gotta love a girl who can talk...
..but it is annoying when people want you to say something.
And there really isn't anything to say.
But Kellyanne makes it fun in that way...
..that you forget what she's saying.
Fun to watch. Bubbly, smart.
So that said.
I'm taking a day off from the tropics.
As the tropics seem to have taken a day off from me :(

Those are the areas to watch.
SOME MODELS... show a lowering of pressures.
Will that become a tropical system or . . .

Well I will say this about that.
There has been rumors of Mid Atlantic Snowflakes.
Rumors are rumors.

Silly long range forecasts for NY.
50s 40s.
I'm wearing the Teal chiffon and not worrying on weather.
That's what coats are made for ...correct?

News... deer and jelly fish stories. Right...
And they are still showing me gowns.
Red one is cute but noooo don't think sooo.
I have a gown for that event already.
Hanging in the closet...
NY is a good two weeks away...

In Carolina today :)
It's cool going up to warm.
Blue skies. No clouds. Sunshine.
Going to my happy place today...

A small sliver of a chance that something develops.
In the Gulf of Mexico when strong winds die down.
And... or maybe... in the Atlantic North of PR.
Those favorite places late season storms form.
Spoiler alert they go ENEish..

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

My advice is forget about it today.
Enjoy the weather.
Be happy like a Millenial.
Put on Netflix
Check all news stories on Buzz Feed.
Run them through Snopes.
Vote. Take a Selfie.
Do Snapchat.
Then move on...

Love you all.
Thanks for your interaction on Twitter...
..and elsewhere.

Have a Happy Day.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Just be happy ....

Oh and don't take a selfie voting in Tennessee..
Apparently it's against the law ????

Where you are wondering is it not allowed?

My kids all send me selfies in Florida.
Are they gonna take people's phones away now?
Won't say what Hashtag they put up but...
it's got 10 characters after the # 

It will all be over soon.... one way or the other.

Just be Happy...


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