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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Meteorologists Chasing Meteors. Cold Front Won Sucked UP Invest 99L. Watching Caribbean For Late Season Action ... Shooting Stars

And this is why.....

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

That moisture trail you see is what is left of 99L
Score one for the cold front.
You can see it pushing down into the Bahamas.
The High is still there pushing West...
There is still moisture in the Caribbean but today..
Nada happening in tropical meteorology.
But everyone is talking about meteors.

So going to post some links.
And leave a few thoughts.

Some easy tips.
Bundle up if it's cold.
Go somewhere dark...
..preferably with someone you love or like..
Lie down on a blanket or a lounge chair.
Look up not at that person if you want to see meteors.
Relax eyes enough that you begin to see them.
This is essential.
Like those annoying pictures with pictures inside.
You have to relax your eyes.
Google it

Okay I got lost....
Pretty though.
Note do NOT Google Fractual Art.

The point is your eyes need to relax to really see meteors.
Unless you are in the Mother of all Meteor Shows.
Been there once was like a science fiction movie.
It doesn't look like these images you see often.
You have to wait for something to happen.

Sometimes nothing much happens.
Sort of like those yellow Invests from NHC
Other times the sky comes alive as the moon sets.
(best watching when there is no moon or city lights)
For a little while you meteors seem everywhere.
More often that average newbie doesn't see much.
You got to stay there, don't go inside.
Keep watching.
You know like the water vapor loop.

Does NOT look like this ...

If nothing happens...
Drink beer with your best friend or sibling.
Have a Cheerwine.. it's a soda if you don't live Down South.
Or make out with the love of your life ..

If you want to REALLY see a Meteor shower.
It's like storm chasing.
You have to find your spot.
You bring a lot of cameras.

It's not so easy.

As for me I'm watching football today.
Eating BBQ in the Sukkoth
Wearing boots.
It's cold..

Besos BobbiStorm the Caribbean for late season action.
Models are hinting at formation.
But today meteorology seems all about meteors...

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