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Friday, November 04, 2016

NHC Pulls Plug. Good Weekend to Ignore Politics and Get Out and Have Some fun. Hurricane History Yankee Hurricane 1935 Landfall Miami Beach. Election Weather? Obsessing on the Election?

Just a heads up that the yellow dot is gone.
Nothing TROPICAL forming in the Atlantic.

There is something out there but it's not tropical.

There's actually a lot going on in the Atlantic.
But it's not coming towards us.

It all depends on your priorities.

A good discussion on the Atlantic.
He does surf reports, weather reports.
Sometimes he puts up good music ;)

But if you are not a ship at sea or a surfer.
It's quiet times across most of the country.

As I said the other day.
This is the In Between Time...

World Series are over.
Impressive Chicago Cubs win..

Election is on Tuesday..
We don't know who is gonna win.

No winter yet. 
No snow.

Even the rain has stayed away from most places.

If you are wondering on Election Day Weather...
So far pretty decent weather to vote if you haven't done so already.

I'll update this on Sunday.
Not trusting the short term forecast lately.
"They" insisted the rain would fall over night.
You know like Camelot
(Google it, song line)
But front moved slower.
It's raining though the sun is peaking out now.

Who do you believe?
The polls?
Buzz Feed?
Facebook News (hahaha)
Accuweather vs The Weather Channel?
Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.
(Caribou Coffee is really good)

Love their logo but I digress

Seems the weather people disagree less...
..than those running for elections.

For example check out discussion on La Nina.
Just type in La Nina Forecasts.

This is what I found:

A "No-Show" that  may "Bring Colder Weather"
Right. Seems a lot of uncertainty.

And if you think quirky weather only happens these days.
Let's go back to 1935. 
The year famous for the Labor Day Hurricane.
A hurricane bound for the Carolinas turned South.
Then sort of SW then WSW towards Miami.
No I'm not talking about Hurricane Betsy.
But the Yankee Clipper Hurricane.

Started in the Atlantic.
Ended up in the Gulf of Mexico.
Took an odd track.
Growing up it was referred to as the Yankee Hurricane.

So when you hear people say "unprecedented" 
Take it with a grain of salt.

Bottom Line.
If you aren't in an impacted area this weekend.
Go out and have some fun.
Because have to be honest.
Winter is coming so make hay while the sun shines ;)
Find a beach....
... Drive up to the mountains if you got em.
Drive out to the Lake.
No lake, no beach no mountains?
Hmmm Try a Park?
Get out and about and enjoy life.

This is the in between time... in the mean time go have some fun!

Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps In case you are wondering on election history.. 
A look back at 1928.

Or look back at 1896.
An election many say people today should remember.

If you like the other one better... 

You can obsess on the elections or..

Get out and have some fun.
Pretty sure you'll be watching news next week.
So get out and have fun while you can!

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