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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tropics Wednesday. Caribbean. Football. Seasons. Packing. Shopping. Cold in NC Still Watching the Tropics.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Official 5 day from NHC

Current images of the tropics.

Note not everyone is letting go of development possibilities.

This is going to be a somewhat short post. There isn't much to talk about tropically speaking and the Great Northwest is hogging all the weather currently. Winter is sliding it's way in trying to make a score but it's still November not December. The Caribbean provides a nonstop flow of tropical energy moving up towards the NE sending more rain to areas that have seen way too much rain this hurricane season. But, that's the general direction November systems that try to form in the Caribbean go...

The hurricane season goes on until the last day of November and until that time comes we are still in the season. On the gridiron the UM Miami Hurricanes are not ready to quit come the last day of November. They have issued storm warnings for their opponents and dressed up in gold for game day. The Miami Dolphins are well... just pitiful. My brother, in Greece, complains their fans are fair weather fans and I disagree as he has been living in Greece for more than 20 years and he is still following them. But they ain't be winning and that's a problem and it's been a problem for a long, long time.

Listening to CMT play some of my favorite Country Music songs and again it's all a matter of perspective is all I can say. The area in the Atlantic is obviously not doing anything anytime soon and the NHC is slowly edging away, but not losing sleep, as chances for development went from orange to yellow as the hurricane season fades away bit by bit. Yet the Caribbean is still conceiving convection that is stubbornly developing on the edge of strong winds that keep prohibiting anything from forming.

What do we do?

Keep watching. Keep enjoying the sunny weather. As for me I'm headed back to Florida for a while. I have a complicated life. Expect my posts to get more heated, infused with more tropical inspiration of palm trees swaying and waves crashing onto a beach somewhere.

Again one team wins and another team loses. The same game, two teams and yet one ends on an happy note and another on a sad note. Oddly this picture was taken before the game. I'm guessing he saw what was coming ... yet the Fins thought it was a great picture to show he was ready for the game. Um... no he wasn't. They weren't despite a few standout performances.

Miami Dolphins need serious help.

Cam Newton and his team was ready for the game.
They be celebrating.

Are you ready for the game of life?
It's a good question.
Do you live it with passion and energy?
Maybe it's all a matter of perspective.

I'm happy.
I'm a Cam fan.
Lived in Carolinas for almost 9 years now.
But still would love to see the Fins win again.
And the UM Hurricanes are undefeated and I'm smiling.
Shopping (maybe I'll find a dress...or not)

Have a great wonderful day!

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps... Any readers who know anyone who was at landfall of Harvey?
I'm talking the EYE...the center not the flood.
You know where Harvey made landfall.

If so please pass the info along.
Contact Eric Blake on Twitter if so.
If you have any wind/pressure data...

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