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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Tornadoes, Hail, Straight Line Winds - Massive Midwest Outbreak Moving East Today. Stay Informed Check With Your Local NWS

March 1st. 
Severe Spring like weather outbreak.
Tornadoes, Straight Line Winds, Hail.
Even the signature above looks like a tornado...

Sadly that death toll now stands at 3 and could rise.
Last night Twitter looked like this:

According to MSNBC this morning more than 100 Million People were or are under the gun from severe weather last night and today. When you have a crazy, cell zoom by large cities in Illinois you get the media's attention. Even during the speech last night weather people broke away from complaining and cheering to cover the developing disaster. So far, and they are still searching through the rubble, 3 people are confirmed dead. Cars on freeways were tossed about and straight line winds competed with tornadic cells that popped up and moved en masse across the Midwest.

This great site below is on
To the left of that "juice loop" I use so often during hurricane season.

Click on it and you can watch in real time.
Last night it was explosive.

Concerns for today as an even larger population area is again under the gun rises as do the warm temperatures pushing and blasting into the low pressure system out of the Southwest. It's a recipe for more damage and a loud, boisterous announcement that meteorological Spring is here today. Officially winter fights back a bit for a few days after the passage of the cold front. This weekend in Carolina threatens freezing temperatures and one last fling with boots and coats even though today we are in short sleeves and sandals.

Note the possible problems people will deal with today.

Let's see that;s from Boston down to Atlanta under the gun.
And all the cities along I95 along the way. I85 also...


In Raleigh the Bradford Pear Trees bloomed early.
If you like the white flowering trees.
Go out fast today.
The blooms will be gone with the wind this evening.
Maybe there will be a second bloom?
Who knows it's a crazy year.
My boots sit next to my sandals in the closet.

Some awesome pictures from last night below.

Great shots below.

Be aware as dangerous as a system is during the daytime...'s that much more dangerous cloaked in darkness.

Pay attention to weather any way you prefer.
Weather Radio. Weather App.
Put in your city. Use it..
Knowledge is power.

The cars tossed about on I-55 last night were caught.... a fast moving line.

Be aware of your surroundings...
...especially what is going on with the weather!!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Above you have the professional view from the studio.
This was posted by chasers.
Lot's available on Youtube.
And everyone who chases is out today as well.

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