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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Day, Blizzards, Hurricane ... What's Weather Do You Love? Tornado Warnings SE Texas Mother Nature's Stormy Valentine...

Valentines Day here makes me think on the things I love as well as the people I love. All those "tests" on Facebook that they really use for their own marketing never really hit the mark. I mean it gave me the following choices for my favorite weather: sun, rain, fog, snow. Ummmmmm.... no it didn't say Tropical Storms. Seriously? Okay, Hurricanes are a bit out there but it didn't ask if I liked Hail or Thundersnow? Facebook really can't get seriously, intense weather people.

Love this song but I owe my son for it as it was his favorite song for quite a while.  He made me sit in the car and watch the video when it first came out.... so I smile at the memory. When he was young he woke me up in the middle of the night and insisted I come outside "NOW" to see this and so I did. We sat in the car facing North, wide open view of the sky and the light was lit up with a nonstop thunderstorm. It looked like a video being made for the Star Spangled Banner, except of course there was no flag. So that's Moe, a magnet for hail and wakes his mother to watch thunderstorms. For that matter there's Levi who sends me video of thunderstorms out over the Atlantic when he lived in his penthouse condo. Great views of storms and sky and Miami life. I guess my kids know me well. Or Mendy, another son, who sends me videos of driving in Aventura when it looks like a lake with squalls and waves splashing over the hood of his car. Or my daughter who takes better pictures than me when storm chasing. Every child has a weather memory of some kind.

What's your favorite weather? What's your favorite weather satellite imagery? Mine is obviously the water vapor loop because things pop out that don't always show on others.

Then again as photogenic as the Atlantic Blizzard Cane is...
...there's real weather today in America.
In the South and moving East is weather.

So far this morning we have had a Tornado Warning in Texas.

That's not red for Valentines Day... 
Dangerous weather and moving East..

Mike as usual is on top of it.
Mike likes to be on top...of things.
Weather related ...of course.

Weather people are the best really...

If you are in the South or SE you need to watch the weather.
And if not... enjoy the day.
Chase a storm.
Lie in the sunshine.
Have a drink or a give a wink...

Make it your day, your way.

But watch out for Mother Nature...

Besos BobbiStorm
A Valentines Day song for all my weather friends ;)


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