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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Otto Odds Bumped Back up to 90% ... Snow in NY. Winter Storm Blasts Thru East Coast. From Crown Heights Brooklyn... Windy, Cold, Brrrr

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

The video above shows why the models forecast the track they do.
Look at that cold front blast through the Mid Atlantic.
Down through the Deep South.
It was windy and cool in Key West today.

If you went to Key West today.
I hope you brought socks with you!

In NY where many of our family is gathered.
We are in boots, jackets and leg warmers.
Actually we are inside away from the cold wind outside.
Yet I'm here under the covers tonight writing about the tropics.

The NHC has put a red circle over the SE Caribbean.
I keep thinking on Rudolph's nose but I digress.

Note the discussion.
Note the red X over the area where Otto may form.

Also note the round blast of cold air that moved off the East Coast.
Ball of convection down where it needs to be.

The tightly wound tropical disturbance forming in the SE Carib.
Winds pretty strong, seemingly closing off a center.

Winds equally as strong in NYC tonight.

Great site. On bottom left of

Models finally taking the low road.

There's still options but the road North is blocked.
Blocked for now with high pressure.

I'll update tomorrow morning. I'm thinking if and when it gets a name it should be Tuesday or Wednesday. Maybe Monday... This is a big flooding danger for Central America. 

Again as I have shown before a part of this system is in the Pacific.
Put it in motion:

rb_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Seems to be trying hard to come together.

As for me I'm still in Brooklyn. Visited family and friends in Flatbush today. Lent out my phone and got it back. Lent out my charger for my Ipad and did not get it back. On the list... buy new charger cord. Happens. Bought kosher meat to go back with as well as some kosher canned food unavailable in Raleigh. Relatives are flying out... Southbound to the Deep South, out West to Seattle and slowly the party is over. 

Meanwhile it was freezing, windy, crazy today. Freezing windy as in I didn't go to Basil NY for breakfast :( and stayed inside. We went to Carlos and Gabbys with relatives, friends later for a late lunch/early dinner. Fun always.
In the mood for Mexican ;) in Brooklyn.

Leaves are flying about in the wind. The trees tomorrow should look a lot more bare than earlier in the week. Relatives took pictures endlessly from the World Trade Center aka Freedom Tower. Some went to Chelsea Pier for Bowling and an indoor view of the river. The Statue of Liberty can be done another time. Winter has moved in and I think it's here to stay. Some warmer days, then some colder days. In a week or two temperatures in the 40s won't seem so cold. 

We were stopped at a light today and I saw the sunset over a cemetery in Brooklyn. I couldn't get to my phone fast enough it was a wild view. Sort of like this below. 

Strangely beautiful.
Brooklyn is so diverse.
From Boro Park to Crown Heights.
From Sheepshead Bay to Park Slope.
Brownstones bleed colors of brown all in a row.
Old homes, new homes.
Torn down homes, rebuilt homes.
Off in the distance the view of the bridge.
Manhattan beyond the river beyond the bridge.
One son walked into Manhattan for exercise today.
Across the bridge. The windy, cold bridge.

A friend's children woke up to snow.
Up in Monsey further inland.
Unexpected as the forecast was as wind blown as the day.
The kids played.

Can you imagine going to sleep to gentle rain.
And waking up to see show covering everything?

Tomorrow we may wake up to Otto in the Tropics.

Stay tuned. 
Eventually I'll be heading South again.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Thanks for your patience. 
It's been a blast of winter and a blast of memories made.
The idea of the AirBNB was a good one.
Go Millenials.
Go Mommy for saying "yeah go for it"
Had all the amenities of a house vs motel room or rented basement.
Clean, comfy though somewhat not totally prime time.
But then again that's this part of Brooklyn.
Old brownstones,_Brooklyn

Always wonder what it was like in the Roaring 20s.

Next time you're in town.
Go to Prospect Park...not Central Park ...

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