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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Subtropical Storm Rebekah in N Atlantic - Fires in California - Power Company Turns Power Off - Rain in the SE. Hot Water in the Caribbean As We Move Into November

A press release with info was sent out.... the NHC site had this info below. And I expected the NHC went ahead and upgraded 99L to Rebekah because well .... that's what they do in 2019. I'm sure I'll give my thoughts on this later at some point but for now I'm sharing the data and the information and that's the way it goes today. Next name up Sebastien...

NHC will initiate advisories on Subtropical Storm Rebekah, located over the northern Atlantic at 5pm 

While waiting for the advisory to come out I just wanted to point out President Reagan's Library in Simi Valley is in danger from the fire there being whipped by hurricane force "Devil Winds" known also as Santa Ana Winds. I know that area well as it's just North of where my Ex-husband's family home was and we'd drive up there on Sunday's for a nice ride out in the country. For Baby Boomers that grew up watching old Westerns it's where many a Western Shoot Out was filmed. Beautiful area that became filled with a suburban paradise that oozed past the San Fernando Valley when they ran out of room there. A beautiful part of the world... but not today.

Turn the sound up if you want to hear my thoughts while watching the broadcast, very crazy...
I did a video earlier talking while watching the coverage online live of the fire. As someone who has asthma (mild) whose kids had asthma that often wasn't mild and that used a Nebulizer to keep them out of the hospital and manage their asthma ...especially when there was a fire out in the Everglades and the smell of smoke spread East over Miami making kids with asthma extremely sick. The thought that I would have 3 options... 1) grab my kid and leave town 2) go to the hospital and sit in the waiting room to be safe or 3) take my chances without any power because the Power company cut the power is intolerable to think on yet to have to deal with as many are today. Many use machines to breathe or help them for various medical conditions and this cutting the grid off doesn't seem right. Fire Season in California happens every year, some years worse than others... there should be a better plan. It's like not preparing for Hurricane Season in South Florida and to be fair someone in California gets a fire every year yet Florida can go for years
without a real landfall ...yet we work them into our overall way of life.

Something seriously wrong with this situation....

Simi Valley used to be and still is in some part Horse Country and I do so love horses.

I may update later tonight on the fires.
It's very weather related as it's the WINDS...
...the hurricane force, dry winds creating this situaion.
It's Fire Season in California.
Been there... unless you have felt that dry wind.
You can't imagine.
I walked down the street one day and watched.. folding over and dying in real time.
As if a Fire Breathing Dragon in the Sky..
...was blowing down on West Hollywood.
And there was a fire two blocks away.
Up near the foothills of the mountains.
The fire was put out...
...not everyone's fire was put ou.
It was a bad Fire Season that year in the 1980s.

To be clear we are looking at the small center here.
Inside the larger huge cloud swirl.

It's all about the center.
Is this tropical?
Is it subtropical?
The pattern of these huge swirls.
And I use that term because..
..basically that's what they are.
The atmosphere swirls.... dances.
It moves in tandem with other swirls.
Other fronts and it flows.

Is this something to be named?
Only the NHC makes that call.

Currently it's at 50% as in "any minute"
It may be raised to 70%
Or it could get a name briefly.
We've seen this often this year.
Hurricane Season almost over.
Azore systems often get named.
At the discretion of the current regime at NHC
And they have been hot to trot with names.
Here's our wide view.

There is much more energy in our front over the SE.
Or moving over the SE.
Love the dotted line across the Atlantic.
It delineates the North Atlantic with the MDR.

Down below we have a parade of tropical waves.
West to East or trying.
I suppose because no one told them they couldn't.

In Raleigh it's raining this morning.
And I'm kind of loving it.
To be honest.

The constant pitter patter of raindrops.
It's been a while since we heard that.

A gentle reminder that there is still time...
...for a Caribbean system to form.
Gulf of Mexico or Home Grown.

Just because it's snowing in Colorado...
..doesn't mean it's not hot in the tropics.
In the 90s in Florida often.
Water in the Caribbean very hot.
Hot = favorable conditions.
So far we've been lucky.

As they say.
Nothing to track in this area.
But those are mighty strong rain cells.
Coming into the regular towns.
That often get tropical weather.
It's tropical.... 
But it's not organized.
Just rain.
Older map image but you get the idea.
Of how we got here.
Big news story today.

California could use some rain.
To quench the fires and
... let the power go back on.

I cannot imagine having my power turned off.
I had kids who used nebulizers for asthma.
When there is smoke in the air...
...asthma and bronchitis is a big issue.

You'd think they could think of another way.
As maintain the grid or the system.
Have thought of how to do this better...
.... and restore power to people who need.
Mind boggling.

Yeah California.
Lived there.
Earthquakes, Mudslides and Fires.
Pick your poison.
Everywhere has something.
Mother Nature finds a way.

And that's it.

I'll update if the NHC does.
Have a wonderful day!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

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