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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Severe Weather in the South Again. What Starts in Texas Doesn't Stay in Texas. FL Winters Bring Wicked Weather. Torcon Drama. Snow or Rain? Find Your Happy Ending....

I wanted to talk on the system moving through the South later this week and in this case when I say the South I'm more worried on South Florida and actually the rest of Florida as Florida from the tip of Key West to the Panhandle to Jacksonville takes up a whole lot of Real Estate. Today it's as good as it gets in South Florida in December. This winter has arrived early and with a once a week chance to wear those boots and sherpa jackets as you race out the door only to peel them off in time to dash out to lunch and bask in the warm sunshine; cool nights and warm days is what winter in South Florida is all about. Another part of winter in Miami is the chance of severe, strong weather that races in ushering in the next cold front as the cold air clashes with the balmy weather. This winter dance is extremely popular in Tampa and Miami; the Florida Keys are a great destination for storm chasers to get incredible images of waterspouts over Florida Bay this time of year. Waterspouts and Tornadoes often happen in the Winter in Florida.

Being from the Tampa area Mike knows this.

Good map by

The 3 day loop shows the problem.
Below is the image most worrisome.

Put that in motion:

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

What starts in Texas doesn't stay in Texas...
Be warned.
Sucking up warm GOM moisture....

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

And again the Southern Jet is the culprit. 
Say "Thank you to El Nino"
That strong signature is it's signature.

Cold weather is funneling down...
...but the Deep South is getting slammed with rain.
Where it dips, when it dips is the story.
If you add in a Polar Vortex dip you get more trouble.
But otherwise this is the story.
As the World Turns
(my mother watched that....)
I watch the water vapor loop
That's my Soap Opera.

Jim Cantore knows this as he waxed poetic on it earlier this morning seemingly annoyed the Torcon Index was not higher. What is the Torcon Index you ask? When it's higher than 3 my friend Sharon sends me a message that reads "looks like you're getting weather!"  They are from New England and weather is both a noun and a verb to them. Winter in Miami is when the sky turns purple black and a squall line sweeps through delivering hail embedded in severe weather and then the temperature drops 25 degrees in five minutes and you need your sherpa jacket.

Today as the weather slides along the Northern Gulf of Mexico remember that it will be storming in Florida soon enough. What it won't be doing in Florida or most of the South anytime soon is snowing. Well if you go up to the mountains the elevation will assure you a bit of snow and the snow making machines are doing their thing as well so if you are looking to ski in Boone North Carolina this Christmas Santa will be delivering. 

The 5 Day Snow Forecast shows that story.

The song should change the lyrics to ...
"Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain"

NC has had it's share of rain.
No drought this year!!

And the flow goes on and on..
So stay on top of your weather app.
You might not have a friend who texts you...
Weather be happening soon.
Not snow.
Not hurricanes.
But severe, dangerous weather.
And it travels up I-95 towards eventually.
Stay tuned.

Kind of sad.
Most happy movies end with snow on Christmas Eve.
Then I thought about it... 
Breakfast at Tiffany's ended with rain and love.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps.... See??? You may need to start singing in the rain again!!

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