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Friday, June 09, 2017

Sun Shows Off In Miami Today. Models Show Something Later in June.. maybe. In June You Always Stay Tuned... Victoria's Secrets Sales and Miami Madness ;)

The SUN came out!!

I want to point out two things.
1. Most of Florida was sunny.
2. Nice little wave coming off Africa.
Okay, early but pointing it out.

Prayers were answered.
It rained.
It stopped raining.

People in Miami have seemed a little kvetchy these days regarding the lack of sunshine. Luckily today the sun came out and although dark clouds threatened they didn't rain on my parade. Let the sun shine in has been the public mantra the last few days.

It does rain in Miami this time of year often. It's called the "rainy season" for a reason as the hotel owners try calling the rain "liquid sunshine" but the locals all cried Uncle and Uncle seems to have delivered the sunshine.  Everyone has had enough. Golf courses have crawled up into people's back yards and some of those new ponds may have alligator hazards. Streets are flooded and Sawgrass Mills mall was flooded. To be fair when people complain in places like Weston or near Sawgrass they shouldn't as they are basically living in the Everglades. It may look nice but the sea level is really low. This is not a matter of sea levels rising it's a matter of paving paradise and putting up a parking lot.

My best friend's son posted this on Facebook. I'm hoping he's happier today and at the beach or by a pool rather than complaining. Well, to be fair he does like controversy and to complain but no one wants anymore rain anytime soon in Miami. Up by the drought stricken Florida Georgia Line and in Port St. Lucie they always want rain.

Short post here to say Lancome makes wonderful colors for nail polish, but it never stays on more than a few hours. I digress. I went shopping today, can you tell? I did some work on a writing project, took in the feel of Miami and spoke to some good friends. When you see Floridian Beer and Food Truck purses in Aventura you know you are in Miami. It's a fun, funky, funny sort of place where people are in good moods often as they are in flip flops and not bogged down in winter clothing ever. Today I saw a lady buy a sexy leopard bra in Victoria's Secret and then she came out of the dressing room wearing it, paid for it and left the store in her bra and hip hugger torn shorts. No shirt, no problem....... No one seemed to care she bought the bra as an outer garment as she sauntered past the security guard and other shoppers. Life in Florida... Really you want to live up north why? Oh............. because you are afraid of Hurricanes? Hmnnn... buy good shutters and move on down or move to California and deal with Earthquakes. You can prepare for a hurricane, you have lead time to evacuate. There is no warnings for Earthquakes.... not really. In Miami we have information pamphlets in most languages so not understanding English is not an excuse down here.

As a motivation to get you a bit ready be aware that there are models playing at some sort of development in the Caribbean next week. Let's say a lowering of pressure and rainy weather with a possibly adjacent Low. The image is below is one of a few and you can always check with Tropical Tidbits yourself as well as remembering it's located on the top left of They change on every run so don't worry but please feel free to go stock up on your hurricane supplies. I love the word in Spanish ... "una tormenta" as I think it conveys the problems better than the word "Hurricane" does...

I'll update sometime later this weekend as the models get closer to figuring out what may or may not happen as we move our way through the early part of June. Stay tuned....

Besos BobbiStorm
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