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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Miami Monsoons Arrive a Bit Late .. June After a Dry May. Hurricane Season Can't Be Far Away. Localized Street Flooding and a Possible Area of Interest in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Not 40 nights and 40 days.
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Keep using watching the weather..

Nothing much to add to previous blog posts concerning the rain over South Florida. There is an area of tropical moisture left over from the remnants of Beatriz an Epac named storm. Moisture from the depth of the Caribbean as well as moisture that is congregating in the Gulf of Mexico is pumping up huge, heavy amounts of moisture over Florida. There is some localized flooding so if you live in an area prone to flooding there be puddles in the usual locations. I was of course teased that I was dawdling and playing in the puddles. In a way I was as that's what we did growing up in South Florida when it rained.

I know because I got caught in a puddle on the way to Temple on Saturday in the Grove near CocoWalk. I wove my way from my hotel room through soggy streets, strewn with pink bougainvillea blossoms lying upside down in puddles. I was in heaven as I was back in my element and doing just fine until I finally got a to a puddle that I could not jump over, walk around or find my way past. As I was wading through the water that was up to my ankles and a friend drove by they rolled down their window and took a picture and sent it to me. Waves made from cars going by were washing into local stores. Understand the Grove has streets littered with leaves, huge banyan and Chinese Almond Tree leaves that clog up the sewers that in reality just take the water out to the bay a block away. There is much to worry on regarding Sea Level Rise but this is not that as much as poor planning, clogged drains, lack of drains, monsoonal rains and over population of what was once a distant resort town down the road from Miami. When Miami went through Booms the Grove went through it's share of murder, intrigue and at a time in the 1960s when it was the Haight Ashbury of the South. A look back over time is in the link below, however currently there is building boom of beautiful, modern construction reaching high into the sky for breathtaking views. The streets wind their way about, it's hard for the water to get out. does eventually. And, then the sun comes out and it is glorious!

The area in the Gulf of Mexico has a small chance to do something, a window of opportunity to get our interest. It is not the real deal as much as part and parcel of the beginning of the Hurricane Season. I met a few really nice people yesterday who it seems read my blog. They all go online and look when there is "something out there" but in truth this is when they should be thinking on Hurricanes and reading how to prepare. You need a lesson in how to shop in Publix when you get to the store when there is no more water, beer or toilet paper. Now is the time to think on what you might do if and when and to start putting away some basics you may need while waiting a week or two to get your power back on. I met a man, a very smart man, who owns property here and flew back into Miami to see for himself what a hurricane feels like. He flew in before Wilma, he wanted to see it up close and personal. In truth if you own land in Florida or live here you really need to know because it's hard to explain. It's not about standing on the beach like Jim does as the surf is pounding behind you. It's about knowing what kind of damage you will have from a Category 1 or a Category 2 storm as the pictures you generally see of total destruction are from Major Hurricanes.

If a Summer rain storm of the monsoonal kind can leave this much flooding in some areas without the addition of wind and trees coming down crashing through your sky light then imagine what a real Category 1 Hurricane would do.

As for me I'm involved in some heavy family dynamics. My son is having a 3rd birthday party for my grandson today that is an epic birthday in Orthodox Jewish circles as we "cut his hair" for the first time. His hair is long, it ripples in curls when let down and that will change soon. There's pizza involved and the local Chabad House is decorated like a Fire Station. Balloon house and Pizza, you get the idea. Later today we have a family reunion of sorts for my husband's family as cousins come in for the funeral tomorrow for his father. Such is life, enjoy the good times!

Yes, I know the local channels are playing up the possibilities however small they may be as is TWC but hey that's what they do; that's why we watch. I'll update with any information should the NHC declare an Invest or start running their own models on the area in the GOM. For now it's just rain, rain from the tropics, blessed rain for a drought stricken state and an answer to prayers by many as it was a very, very dry May.

More later, while playing in the rain please stock up on supplies as this hurricane season is forecast by the experts to be a busy one. And, many forecast tracks similar to last year when Matthew just barely missed Miami and a few had problems keeping their mojo going. This year we may not have such luck and we may have problems to think on beyond complaining the Hurricane missed us and slid up the coastline. From the Keys to the Florida Georgia Line we are all in play and cities along the GOM coastline may be in the cross hairs.

This is video online of a Miami Monsoon sort of rain. Understand we go months without heavy rain and pray for rain. It pours for a month or so in May or June and then we go back to normal. No snow, you don't need to dig out your car and scrap off the ice and we rarely get tornadoes. You can go 25 years without having a hurricane and watch them slide by and slam into North Carolina as it sticks out a bit too far into the Gulfstream. But, you always need to know how to prepare just in case. Bigger things to worry on today than a tropical landfall. Have a wonderful day! Install an App just in case you need to know if an Invest develops and I talk about it here in the blog.

Besos BobbiStorm
@Bobbistorm on Twitter. Follow me and give me your thoughts.

Ps If you want to buy some land here in paradise he's the best at knowing Miami as a native as he is I believe 5th generation Floridian who is in the Real Estate business. Be it Key West, Miami or is Great Great Uncle who was selling Holmes Beach in the 1920s during the Boom.... he knows the business from inside out and knows how to broker a deal when others cannot.

From lots along the water to high in the sky condos to regular houses on cute little palm lined streets he's the best. I believe the highest priced rental in Coral Gables history was his a year or two back. He gets the job done! Best part of his job may be the view from the Compass Realty offices in Coconut Grove looking out on sailboats and yachts at Dinner Key. He is so definitely my son.

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