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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Start of Hurricane Season. Predicting a Busy Season With Possible Landfalls to US so PREPARE NOW!

State of the tropics above.
Quiet and nothing happening.
Now is the time to prepare.
Get a plan. Buy stuff.
Everyone has different needs.
Medication vs extra diapers?
Beer vs Soda
Pet food?
How much water do we really need...

Unlike the baseball season there is no first pitch thrown out by the President, although the NHC regularly makes a pitch to the President for more money for the NHC. Money is key to research and better forecasting so we don't have to be reliant on the EURO model that currently is the Top Gun in forecasting leaving the American GFS model in the dust often. Sad, but true. I think they should give the NHC more money and help make the GFS GREAT AGAIN!

There is some chatter about a system in the Epac crossing over into the GOM and having some tropical possibilities down the road. I'm not a big believer in the crossover predictions as much as the possibility of moisture hanging out at the tail end of a cold front lingering too long over warm water near Florida. Happens and is more likely than crazy crossover scenarios though to be honest sometimes they do happen. So stay tuned.

The link above is about as good as it gets to learn how to prepare for a Hurricane should you be new to South Florida and really who isn't? It's a state where locals often leave in search of cooler pastures and others move South for the warmth, jobs and a tropical lifestyle. Obviously part of a tropical lifestyle is the danger of tropical storms and hurricanes coming to visit when you weren't expecting them. So, read and take action by making a plan. Making a list of things necessary to you such as having an extra asthma inhaler or extra diapers in case Publix loses power... or it's roof and there is no new truck coming in with your favorite diapers. Happens.

I'm in Miami currently for a Jewish Holiday named Shavous and I'll be at my best friend's house (let's call her Magda to protect the innocent and make the guilty laugh) and we will be sipping red wine and nibbling on chocolate cheesecake for the duration of the holiday. Her birthday is June 1st and she is definitely a Category 3 or 4 Hurricane. There may be other food and activity involved but I'll be celebrating the start of the season and her birthday down here in Miami. See the picture below.. isn't she adorable? She's the blonde...obviously!

She makes me smile...or giggle or a little of both!
Thank God for best friends.........

Older picture above but you get the idea.
A close friend used to just call us both "trouble" 
And yeah...she's born on June 1st...

Bobbistorm's Bottom Line on this Hurricane Season is expect a Hurricane to make landfall in the US and if we get lucky and it misses us thank your lucky stars! 

The water is hot, the air temperature is record breaking and that only heats up the waters near the coastline. Shear will lessen and Saharan Dust may not be able to save us as time goes by. Oh and El Nino is not currently predicted to pose a danger to tropical waves forming into Hurricanes this year!! The high temperature in Miami the other day beat the record for 1996 by five degrees. 1996 was a busy year for hurricanes. Every year is different. It's like picking a card out of a deck to see what you get when it comes to any one hurricane season. But I think it's safe to predict we have lots of trouble on the tropical horizon this year!!!

Get a plan, buy "stuff" and be prepared because by the time you get to Publix the water, soda and beer will all be gone.......... because the old timers here know when to go shopping.

Besos BobbiStorm
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Superman can't save you from a Hurricane! Only YOU can prepare and make a plan before the Hurricanes comes to call. It's your call.....

Don't say I didn't warn ya!!

Read previous posts for my forecasts and predictions.
And the list from A - Z on how you know a Hurricane is coming.

Ps ...IF anything forms before Thursday Night...

They will have all the details you need!

Welcome to the Atlantic Hurricane Season!

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