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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Is Anything Forming Over Florida? Tornado Watch in S Florida? What's Happening.

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

This system in the GOM has no name.
And the rainy season in Florida has begun.

So much to say about the rains over Florida and the area in the Gulf of Mexico and yet I'm short on time today. Yesterday my Father-in-Law was buried and the procedure of Shiva begins. I'm in North Miami Beach watching the rain come down, listening to it pounding on the roof in a house that is dark because there is no sunlight outside. But, I'm home in Miami and around family and friends so let it rain. May stay here a bit or may go back to Raleigh, but if we do we will be driving through the rain the whole way. So staying for a bit...

Yesterday there was a Tornado Warning in West Broward County. That's pretty rare, though it does happen. There is so much moisture being transported out of the GOM and being dumped onto Florida driving home the reality of summer being here and the rainy season has arrived.

Now you ask is this tropical? Yes, no, maybe, not currently and who knows. It IS Tropical in nature in that it is moisture coming up from the tropics and it is very tropical rain. Heavy, coming down in sheets that blow sideways a bit at times. You open up the front door and you can smell it, feel it before you see it. Oh and there are long term puddles hanging around some of which are half way up people's driveways.

Here's the link below for the cute spinner I put over the graphics for the "Low" and it's accompanying rain. Contact them ask they if they have a hurricane spinner.

Note discussion below from the NHC

The bottom line is that there is nothing currently, official from the National Hurricane Center. The National Weather Service has it's hands full with warnings for rain, severe weather, localized flooding, tornado watches and warnings up and down the whole coastline. People see this graphic below and hear that a model hinted at development and think a named storm is in the wind.

The wind shear is there.
So it's not conducive to tropical formation.

Note there is a low entering the GOM
Where it goes.....
...and what happens.

Check back in a few days.

There are models that hint at development. Some models show a coastal low running up the coastline after it finally departs Florida. Air travel has been horrendous on the East Coast and that's only going to get worse until this system moves out. A friend left for the airport in NY at 3 AM and arrived in FLL at Midnight. FLL was shut down for 2 hours due to a myriad of problems including the Tornado Warning. There is also discussion that the MJO will move into the Caribbean later in the month and if the shear lessens... maybe. I'll keep watching the models as well as the actual loops of what is developing and it is possible that something could happen.... as weather is fluid not set in stone.

This is Mother Nature's wake up call that the Hurricane Season is here. The South Florida Rainy Season is here. It's time to cut back those trees close to the house, make sure you have shutters to cover the windows and be sure the roof doesn't leak. Stock up on supplies, keep your medications up to date and keep an extra supply if you can and keep watching your favorite tropical weather experts carefully. Things can change fast in the tropics. Remember Tropical Storm Julia formed over land last year after saying for days nothing was going to happen. This year they have changed the way they do things and the NHC can now issue a cone with information for a system that has not yet formed but is forecast to form. This is a big change as you may not hear a storm has been named but you could be under a Tropical Storm watch for a Potential Tropical Cyclone Formation as the rules have changed.

Stay tuned. Keep watching. Think of this as Drought Relief and although there are no fancy concerts to raise money but I can try to raise awareness. Now is the time to prepare for the Hurricane Season... NOT when everyone got to Publix first and got all the beer, water and toilet. 

Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps For people who have wondered on the difference between a tornado and a hurricane after yesterday's Tornado Warning in South Florida there's a good video below.

Yes, people have asked me what the difference was so you know.

As for Shiva... here's the link and the info.  I'll be back with info as time permits and if anything develops. Again I update faster in real time on Twitter so if you are not on Twitter, get on Twitter. You need to make an account, follow people and never DO anything else ever again. You simply read when something is happening, you're bored or in the mood. It's not like Facebook... you don't have to DO anything but follow others when you are in the mood or when a storm is named! Do it!

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