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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Snow For the Piedmont Crescent. A Quiet Weather Day Before Winter Goes Crazy Again. Anthem Update and Visiting the Grave of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda. Anthem Trivia ;)

Okay it's not exactly a heart shaped valentine....
But it is a nation with little severe weather warnings.
Enjoy it... it won't last long.
Winter is here to stay for a bit.
Through Valentines Day so ...Find someone to Cuddle with ...
In the area known as the Piedmont Crescent winter weather is on the way.

Somewhere in that crescent someone will get strong winter weather.
Maybe snow. Maybe ice... Maybe rain and snow wintry mix.
Wintry Mix is the Chilled Soup Du Jour of the day.

We never know what we will get until it starts falling from the sky.

 Note the area across the Crescent shown above .....
....shows winter weather Monday

So this is what WRAL puts up as they seem to be the last word in Raleigh.
I watch many sources but most people here live and die by WRAL.

As for the National Weather Service...

The NWS goes long with discussion on the possible types of moisture.

I've been going back and forth from Miami to Raleigh for 7 years now.
I still learning the complications that go into the forecast.
Warm noise. Wedge. Layers of the atmosphere here in play.

Depending on where the Low forms....
It heads to NY or NE or out to sea.

Oddly they have gone from a trace to 1 to 2 inches in this area tomorrow.

Time will tell.

Enjoy the calm before the storm across the country today.
Only the far NW has weather to worry on.

As for me I saw snow in Baltimore earlier in the week.

I'm a happy camper on that front.

While in the Baltimore area I did something I've always wanted to do.
I went to the grave of  F. Scott Fitzgerald.
He is oddly buried in Baltimore of all places.
Not his home land of Winter Dreams in Minnesota.
Nor in NY near the Plaza or the

71f75c5c74a2a82829d8b7a383f6bd81.jpg (236×195)

Nor was he buried in LA where he died. 
He wasn't buried in Asheville where he visited Zelda often.
They often went to Asheville together.
Later Scott put her in a hospital there... 
...came and visited often.

Well they did live in Baltimore at one time.

No he is buried in a small cemetery behind a church in Rockville, Maryland.
And it wasn't easy to him buried there......
..... his daughter Scottie worked hard on it.
In the end she won the battle to have Scott and Zelda...
... moved to their final resting place.

The story is explained online in many places.
Scott was not a role model for the Catholic Church at that time.
They didn't want him buried in the family plot behind the Church.
His daughter wanted him buried there and fought the diocese.
And Zelda as it seems anywhere that Scott did Zelda.
Joined forever despite the later problems in their marriage.

Should you want to stop in and take a look...
Do NOT put 520 Viers Mill Road into a GPS.
It takes you to a dead end street nearby.
You can put in Old Saint Mary's Church or better yet.
Rockville Amtrak Station.

There are no signs. 
No golden arrows to his grave.
Nothing to note that the most famous American novelist is buried there.

You walk towards the church.
There is a space you can walk back into the cemetery.
It's a small cemetery so it's not hard to find the grave.
You walk a few rows, turn to the right and it's there.
See below.

I went on a cold February day.
I wore my warmest puffer coat from Victoria's Secrets.
It has a furry hood. I had furry boots.
It was furry freezing.
But there I was at F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda's grave.
Sort of awesome.

I left a lavender rose there by Zelda's name.

Posting this picture as a point of reference.
Find the buildings and you can find the grave.
Hopefully it will be a nice day in Spring with trees flowering.

Someone left a penny on the tombstone.
I added a penny so that there were two.
One for Zelda and one for Scott.

Why is he buried in a Baltimore suburb?

To see his headstone you remember why.
His name was Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald.
Of "oh say can you see" fame.. 
Same family. Distant relative.

America's national anthem is written by Francis Scott Key..
The man who wrote the Great American Novel was Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald.

Kind of interesting in an American Trivia way.

Speaking of Anthems....
The cruise ship owners finally apologized to the passengers.

Many passengers are not happy about going on another cruise "for free" 

I guess the question is would you take the free cruise apology?
Or would you sue?

Next post will be about the next Winter Storm

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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