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Monday, February 08, 2016

Storm of Controversy over Anthem of the Seas Taking on Hurricane Force Winds. Winter Storms Across the East Coast. Will the storms affect NH Primary?

You know it's cold when Miami has lows in the 40s.
Weather is relative ... cold to you and cold to them may be different.
Later in this post we will discuss the concept with regard to the Anthem.
Damage on the Anthem of the Seas was "minor" according to the company.
According to the passengers on the ship.. it was not so "minor" 

First let's talk about the Winter Storms.
The one departing and the one setting up to arrive.
Reminds of planes on a runway.

So much discussion on what it's going to do in the next 12 to 24 hours. They move the snow totals up, they move them down. Originally the system in NE wasn't supposed to affect the NH primary. Maybe now it might. Depends how much people want to vote...

On the South end of the storm the totals are going up also and there is some lack of clarity as to how much snow places like Baltimore and DC will get this go round. The next go round is following this one on the Polar Vortex Winter Merry Go Round.

In motion...

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Exit Stage Right .. Enter Stage Left.

To be clear there is one storm leaving and the second one approaching and out hidden in the Western Shadows is storm number three.

Nice map up on

In 24 Hours.

In 5 Days the Snow Coverage should be as follows.

Mother Nature painted the Great Lakes Purple... 

Complicated Weather Mess.

sfcmap.gif (768×496)

I'm going to post discussion from Larry Cosgrove.
He's good. He's downright wonderful.
He updates regularly on Facebook so check him out.

This is important to me on many levels.
I'm traveling into the storm tomorrow.
Well the Southern part of the storm.
So we will see what we will see.
I'll be watching them carefully.

And when I get back to Raleigh it should feel like Up North for a week.
Cold air coming down and being reinforced over and over again.

Next the storm aimed at Royal Caribbean Lines.

A lot of discussion on Twitter not very kind to RCCL.

A map of the forecast with hurricane force winds very obviously there.
48 Hours before the Anthem felt the force of hurricane wnds.

The facts will come out.
The Anthem is basically a floating city.
A lot of people went through hurricane force winds on board.
They are being offered a free ticket for a another cruise.
Some will be happy.. others not.

As for the Anthem of the Seas.... it may have only suffered "minor damage" but when you spend money to go on a brand new beautiful ship you should feel safe that your best interests are being put first. You shouldn't have to be happy you didn't hit an iceberg and sink like the Titanic. Only 4 people injured, none seriously. This reminds me of a kid who comes home from school with a one day suspension and says "don't worry I didn't get expelled!"

Minor damage for the ship possibly but major damage for PR as they insist this was unexpected. It was forecast to be a strong storm that "bombs" and to be honest as these storms form in real time (unlike a hurricane) there was no way of being 100% and n my opinion they gambled on their forecast and the strength of their new ship. They got lucky it was only "minor damage" and not worst. A cruise ship is a luxury vacation, it's not like packing up the family and booking steerage to America because there is a potato famine and no way to feed your family and you hope no one dies on the way to the Promised Land.

As for the real Promised Land ... Florida.
It's cold there by Florida standards.
My kids are comparing notes online.

Florida Ice Storm.

In Bayswater New York... Basically Far Rockaway.
My daughter has ice floating down her street that is still a river.

And that's why Ponce De Leon is remembered fondly...
...for discovering Florida ;)

Stay on top of your local weather if you are feeling the heat of winter ...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter.


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