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Monday, February 08, 2016

Big Boston Blizzard Affecting NY & Other Areas As Well. Cruise Line Says Storm "UNEXPECTED" Um Nooo Anthem Puts Into Port.

My daughter lives in Bayswater ... New York.
Far Rockaway not far from JFK.
You know where the water from Bay is nearby... 
However... today the Bay has covered the street.
Totally covered the street... well up to where it meets the snow line.

Shadows of the houses in the water.
Picturesque. Great photo.

But sort of stranded there with the snow and the water by the Bay.
A beautiful neighborhood, great place to live.
Except in extreme storms.
I heard it was really bad by Sandy. 
They moved in the year later.

Those pictures were taken by my daughter.
From the upstairs window looking out.
Cause...she's not going anywhere today...

I'm posting these pictures first to give a good picture of the scope of this storm.
Call it Winter Storm Mars or Super Bowl Storm or Boston Blizzard.
But it's a large system with a huge wind field.
The wind pushes the water around it, behind it.. back at Long Island.
As it is pounding New England.

vis-animated.gif (720×480)

(spoiler alert... see the storm behind this one)

Look how far the center of the storm is from Long Island.
NYC getting snow... stuck between this and the next storm.
Long Island getting high tides and flooding.
The flow around the back side is pulling cold air far to the SOuth.

Think of a large hurricane with storm surge on the back side.
TWC and Accuweather call it Winter Storm Mars.
But Mars is causing havoc on Earth today.

That's a huge swath of I-95 and big cities under the gun today.

Note Boston School System is closed.
This is not just any old Winter Storm. 
When they take it serious in Boston.... 

Another issue with this storm is the drama of the Cruise Ship.
For some reason Royal Caribbean Lines seemed surprised by the storm.
That's impossible. They have team of meteorologists.
The ship itself has a meteorologist. 
Hard to understand how they missed this very expected storm.
Damage images they released of Anthem of the Seas caught in the Winter Storm.

One can only wonder on the pictures they did not release.

Their own blog and website to report on the problems.

It was NOT unexpected.
Possibly their meteorologists underestimated the strength.
The models were showing a "bomb" meaning rapid, deep intensification.

Maybe their blog should have been reading my blog??

This story will be updated soon.
They did ask passengers to stay inside their cabins.
I'm sure many will have what to say and pictures to share.
Not everyone stays in their cabin...

It's one thing to be Jim Cantore out in the snow.
It's your job. It's your passion.
It's another thing to take a cruise and expect not to encounter hurricane conditions.

Note the winter storm in Minnesota is not going to stay in Minnesota.
It's moving East. 
So please stay on top of the weather.

I'll update later with more news on the cruise ship.
More news on the storm.

Winter is back with a vengeance. 

The "Bomb" on Twitter.

Or like one big cinnamon roll to some...

New Hampshire has a Winter Storm Warning today.
Will this have an impact on voter turnout tomorrow? 

Time Will Tell.
Keep watching.
Check back later for updates.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps Eye of the Tiger in honor of the closest we get to an eye in February.
Pretty sure we will hear some interesting stories on the storm first hand.
Note I was on a huge ship that avoided a Tropical Storm by going 3 miles by Cuba.
Why would a cruise line take their newest ship into hurricane force winds?
And pretend it was unexpected?
Every forecaster, blogger and media outlet was talking on this storm "bombing" ...

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sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)


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