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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Groundhog Day Predictions. Winners and Winners and Losers in Iowa. February Weather Discussion

I've got a confession to make.
I've never really understood the whole Groundhog Day thing.
Then again I was raised in Miami and I never really got the Seasons thing.

Punxsutawney Phil seems to have been the clear cut winner here.
Rain or Shine.
Shadow or not Shadow everyone is watching him.
He didn't see his shadow and that means Spring.
How they figure that I don't know but it's a tradition.
So is thinking on Bill Murray.

What is it about Bill Murray and rodents?

My brother Jay loves Bill Murray.
Well he did I am guessing he still does.

This scene reminds me of a few candidates this morning who just left Iowa.
And did you know that a WAWA in IOWA would be redundant?
Did you know that parts of Caddyshack were filmed in Miami Shores?

See Miami a place where you can golf all year round...

When I worked for the City of North Miami Beach...
...they had their Annual Dinner Dance in Miami Shores.
Always seemed embarrassing to me... 
...but I digress.

There were 3 winners last night in Iowa.

1. Ted Cruz. Tho if he couldn't win in Iowa where could he win...
2. Marco Rubio for almost beating Trump.. came very close.
3. Bernie Sanders who basically tied and came from nowhere.

Miss Congeniality Award goes to Trump who was congenial in defeat.
Most Talented goes to Hilary Clinton who acted her way thru a slim victory.

The Real Winner of the Caucus was Iowa.
They seem to have found a way to get people to come in Winter.
And they spend a lot of money there... 
Seems a sneaky way to stimulate the economy in Iowa if you ask me.

Not a place most people want to be but all the candidates flocked there.
And all the men and women of the media followed them there.
And as soon as they could they hit the road for New Hampshire.

Kayla the blizzard descended upon Iowa.
Jim Cantore is dancing with Kayla as I type this..

Colonel Beauregard Lee in Georgia also didn't see his shadow.
He's probably politically incorrect this year.

In Raleigh there is no sun so there is no shadow.

My weather people tell me weather will ramp up the next few weeks.

What will February be like?


So we have a way to go before the rest of the primaries....
Day by day.
Week by week.
Month by month we move towards Spring.

Spring segues into the Hurricane Season.

It's a crowded field out there in politics in one party.
And in the other party several people wish they had run.

Keep watching... 
It's a long, long time before the election.
We have to get through the whole 2016 Hurricane Season First.

The difference between politics and football is this... 
In politics you can find a victory anywhere.
In Football only one team can claim victory.
And there are only 2 options on Groundhog Day.
You either see your shadow or you don't.

You want to know who I am rooting for?

Carolina of course ;)

What does it mean to win?
Cam explains it best....

I may be an Independent politically but I'm a Carolina Fan in Football.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps. Winners don't go for the Field Goal they play to win.


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