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Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Thaw... Severe Weather in the South & Winter Rebounds in the North.

I've outlined the temperatures above 40 in blue.
60s in areas that often are frozen in January.
This is a January thaw... it's not Spring.
Though Ground Hog Day is coming soon...

In Iowa on Monday weather should not be a factor.

What comes after the thaw is a blast of winter once again.

Throughout most of Iowa weather ......

....should not stop anyone from going to a caucus.

Might be too warm for some... 

If the storm system was to speed up... it could be a problem.
But it's not forecast to hit until Tuesday.

Weather can sometimes play a part on caucus night
However people in Iowa are used to snow.
In North Carolina it would shut down everything.
They'd probably delay the primary ;)

Winter Storm Kayla.
Oddly its almost as warm today in Raleigh as it is in Jax
When you have warm weather in the South and Cold air Diving down.
You have Severe Weather where ever those forces meet.
Stay tuned.

Strong Sub Tropical Jet from El Nino will bring another round of severe weather.

So posting this reminder below.

 Winter Storm Kayla should be severe in the South.

And yet it will bring winter back into the Great Lakes.

Stay tuned. 

Tomorrow could be more a political storm than a winter storm.

It just may be a Maniac Monday.

Besos BobbiStorm


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