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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Winter Storm MARS! From Coast of Carolina to New England. Hurricane Like Blizzard on the Move.

This Nor'easter will be known as Winter Storm Mars by TWC.

Now you know in case you wondered...

Look at the last few frames. See the storm wrap up.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

If this were hurricane season we would have a named storm.

vis-animated.gif (720×480)

Storm warnings have been hoisted for New England.
If you want to learn about New England weather go straight to the source.

So of course I Googled it. 
I didn't need to but I love to Google.

Good site. It has it's own .org site...

Winter of 78... 
How many remember that?

El Nino Falling... 
Crazy winter of 1977-1978

On a personal note my mother loved New Hampshire.
I'm not sure why... but she did.
One year I was held hostage on a family trip.
A 17 year old with 2 young brothers fighting in the back seat.
My mother made my father get off the highway and drive around.
And around... and around.
The New England architecture...
The sailboats (um we have sailboats in Miami)
My boyfriend was home from college.
I was stranded in the back seat driving North to Boston.
The one family trip I think we ever took "up north"
She really loved New Hampshire.
... I liked Boston... 

NH coast:

Looking back it just looks like South Maine to me.
My best friend loves Maine. 
You be the judge.

Maine coast:

I think I like Maine better. Portland.

So all eyes are on New Hampshire right now.

We were told Iowa would make all the difference.
Then after a few flips of the coin we were told...
... New Hampshire really will tell us.............

I imagine after New Hampshire they will say SEC Conference Primary.

Either way weather could be a factor but we will know more tomorrow.

The loops show a developing cyclone in the Atlantic.
Headed towards New England.

goes_nam_1070_100.jpg (900×700)

No I'm not a Cruz supporter ;)
I'm an Independent. I watch. I wait.
Enjoy the debate but will decide who I vote for in November.

But I do have to say interesting to see Kasich enjoying himself.
I'm sort of surprised he's still there in the game.
Go figure.

Maybe we should enjoy this process a little more.
People are tired of fighting.
They are angry and they do want change.
But nice to see some people enjoy having a little fun.

Enjoy the weather you got ;)

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps I'm a Miami girl. Yeah I do like Rubio some but...
... Kasich probably is better at making snow balls.
He will have lots of snow to play with the next few days.
Maybe rather than another debate...
We should have Hilary and Bernie have a snowball fight ;)


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