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Friday, February 05, 2016

Crane Collapse During a Snow Squall in NYC. 1 Dead, 3 Seriously Injured.

Was a snow squall responsible for the crane collapse in NYC earlier today? Or was the forecast weather event not properly forecast?  It's a question I wonder on and I'm sure many will have different answers. Had they expected to have strong snow squalls would they not be working with the crane or  ???

Stories get told in different ways.
My son is visiting from New York and he told me about the crane collapse.
I was busy cooking for the Jewish Sabbath ...
...and guests from out of town..

We talked on how those tall cranes can be scary.
How often they spin in the wind and we are told they are meant to do that.

Political stories were on MSNBC.
Financial News Channel was running.
The Weather Channel.

Later in the day someone asked me if I knew the person who was killed.
I don't. Not that I know of though someone I know may have known him.
It's a small world in some circles.
His father is a well known pediatrician in Brooklyn.
Sad. Recently married ...suddenly dead.
Sitting in his car... he probably never saw it coming.
Crazy story.
Crazy cranes.

From the story below.

The snow storm was what we call an over producer.
Models showed it might be stronger than expected.

A good reminder that you don't need a hurricane to bring loss of life.
You don't need a Twister to pick you up and toss you far away.
Sometimes accidents happen.

Could it have been prevented?

I don't know.
I'm sure the Mayor of New York will be investigating... to stop it from happening again.

Be glad for what you have...
Never underestimate the weather.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps. There are conflicting reports still as to if he was in the car or not.
So you can read up on updates but either way he died.
3 people were injured ... very sad.


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