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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday Storm With Hurricane Force Winds. Cruise Ship Anthem of the Seas Passengers Have Stories to Tell. Next stop Tip of Long Island & NE

No that's not a Hurricane.
It's a winter storm.
A very impressive winter storm.

Incredible visuals coming in for this photogenic but dangerous storm.

Seems the only thing the Royal Caribbean didn't plan on with their new cruise ship was a Hurricane Force Winter Storm named Mars. Well, okay The Weather Channel named it Mars not the NHC. But, it's producing hurricane force winds and waves in the Atlantic... exactly where the beautiful new cruise ship is cruising.

People were posting earlier from the ship.
Relatives were asking for information.
People were asked to stay in their cabins.
It seems they have made it past the worst of it.

The map for this ship's location is posted below.
Current as of the time Denver beat Carolina....

Thanks to Mike Clay I relayed that information to people who needed to know.

Really years back I was on a cruise ship coming back from San Juan.
A fast developing tropical storm in the Bahamas was intensifying.
They had to cancel the stop in Nassau.
Not a problem for Miami kids really.
But with permission from the Cuban Govt they tacked back along the coast.
I could see the mountains off in the distance.
So close and yet so far.
In truth "seeing Cuba" and the extra day at sea was a holiday.
But the day before most people were sick ... 
...except me and my best friend and a very friendly crew.

So... I got lucky. 
Not everyone gets lucky.
 Just shows you anytime of year you might have to deal with a storm.
Rare... but it happens. 

Warnings have been posted. There is some coastal flooding.

More information on the storm on their websites.

Some people call this Winter Storm Mars.
Mostly those who live and die by The Weather Channel.

Perhaps we could call this Super Bowl Sunday Storm?

Seems it's going to be called that in OBX.
The Outer Banks are used to storms like this.
So when people report flooding or damage it's worth paying attention.
However it's Super Bowl Sunday so many have missed this storm.

One of my favorite areas is dealing with flooding.
Ocean Isle Beach.

The storm may be moving North towards Long Island, New England.
But tonight off the coast of Carolina it's rough out there.
Hurricane strength rough out there... 
... hope we don't hear of any other shipping problems.

Seems New England didn't get a Super Bowl Trophy this year.
But they are going to get the Super Sunday Storm..

This storm was forecast to be a bomb... 
A tightly wound storm.

While watching politics and football we have been waiting for this to form.
It formed.
Seems the Royal Caribbean felt they would be okay.
You know "no worries" and all... 
...and hopefully they were right.

Enjoy this video of a ship caught in a North Atlantic Storm.
NOT the Anthem... another type of ship.
A ship caught in a storm... 

Every storm is different but you get the idea.

If you wanted the Broncos to win... you got it.
If you are a Panthers fan... hopefully next year.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps... Daylight should bring some awesome visual loops.

Evolution of the Storm.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)


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