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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Gulf Moisture Swept Up By the Approaching Front... Halloween Around the Corner. Then Comes November... Do You Like Candy Corn?

Only official game in town.
It's actually Invest 99L but...
...not being advertised.
Just being watched.
Ships at sea and all that.

It's pretty. Very there.
NHC doesn't seem to care.
So just pointing it out for posterity sake

The moisture in the GOM is shown below.
I didn't talk much on it.
It was obviously not going to get a name.
It's a player in the game.
Oomphs up the moisture in the next front.
It's a component of weather ahead for the South.

This is the pattern.
This is the purpose of Gulf moisture currently.
And it's good because many places need rain.
North Carolina needs it badly.

Just tropical moisture being swept up fast in the flow towards the cold front moving across the US on it's way towards bringing me a bit of cooler weather (in theory) as those in the North are getting the threat of snow, ice and those in the South are getting rain. We are having Fall mornings and summer like days as the thermometer climbs at Noon. I'd complain but friends in Florida are complaining about temperatures still in the low 90s so I'll shut up on complaining about the low 80s.

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

We all see weather personally.
We look from our own perspective.
Or maybe we check where our parents live..
....or our children.
Or where we want to travel to next.

Raleigh expecting a low of 38 on Friday.
Says 73 today but trust me will be higher.
Every day we surpass the projected high.
Nights are beautiful.

In California winds are gusting hurricane strength.

If you want to follow LA weather or news.
Best source there is online.

Surfed around and came on this and I knew..
...where it was as I'd know the place in my dreams.
Sepulveda Pass on the 405 Freeway.

Winds can bring drought, rain or famine.
The many sides of weather and the atmosphere.

So that's it for today.
I have things to do.
And places to go.
And nothing calling to me tropically.

KYAAR is doing things on the other side of the world.
Beautiful to watch and many are....
and the beat goes on.

So that's it for today.
I said that already.
Had this song stuck in my mind.
One line "swept away"
Feel silly, figured out it was the Carrie Underwood Song.
It was "blown away"...
...maybe some "swept away" song somewhere?
Music running through my head always.
So leaving y'all with that.

Hope your weather is beautiful.
Watch fronts that are dragging slow ...
..and dying out over warm water.
But as always if there is shear there.
Nothing happens.
Deep Caribbean is usually the November arena.
So let's let things go where they flow.
And enjoy this spooky week!

Hope you have a happy Halloween.
What is a happy Halloween?
Your favorite friends?
Or your favorite candies?
Or your favorite spooky drink?

My favorite spooky song is obvious.

Cute tweet today.
A candy corn weather map below.
Whole tweet shown above.

I have a brother in Greece who loves candy corn.
So virtually sending it to him here.
Creative map.
Gotta love Candy Corn.

Much love,

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instragram

It's a bit of a dark song.
But I love the weather references....

"no storm clouds gather in her eyes"

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