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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Spring Flooding, Severe Weather & Speculation on El Nino VS La Nina - Tornadoes Possible Today

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I could pretty much say "Nuff Said"

Fronts moving West to East across the nation are not a stimulus for tropical development. Sometimes, an early season storm forms at the tail end of a cold front. Not the current front that faded away just before making it to Miami, but the one behind it might be worth watching as it gets further South than the last. We are on a roller coaster still with cold fronts, a carousel in the atmosphere pulling each up and down over and over. Tornadoes are possible today in several places.
Put your Zipcode in and find your weather.

Spring Flooding is still the main news with concerns for more severe weather that is typical this time of year as warm air from the GOM slams into fast moving cold fronts. The big question is if the fronts are moving fast or if they slow down enough to mitigate potential problems. This is Spring still and every year this time of year people begin to look to see if there is an El Nino or no Nino or maybe even a La Nina. I'm not sure what it is, perhaps the sexy name, but it captivates bored tropical meteorologists into waxing poetic online about possibilities that are too far out to be certain. Note if TIME magazine has not put El Nino on the cover of their current issue it's probably not a huge issue and something meteorologists can argue over endlessly while throwing darts at empty hurricane tracking maps. Don't kid yourself... hardcore addicts still have hurricane tracking maps. They may not admit it in public, but in private they show them off comparing size, type and quality as if they are.... baseball cards and autographed bats. That said I have a magnetic one, a cork board one and some have much bigger shinier ones than me. 

An interesting article about La Nina:

Note when there is no hurricane to follow we enter into obsession and speculation on El Nino and La Nina.

Good discussion online.
We wait and watch.
Well I do.

And I'm still watching the EPAC.

Convection should eventually congeal into something.
Look at that huge complex over S America.
Bullseye over Lake Maracaibo

You thought it was Tampa Bay?

That moisture works it's way N into the Caribbean.
Or more often in May and June into EPAC.

Keep watching.

Add in snow melt and spring floods this month.
There's a lot going on even if there are no hurricanes.

Dust off those hurricanes maps hidden in the closet.
Check out those generators.
Start planning for 2017 Hurricane Season.
Bret will show up eventually.
Subtropical Atlantic Storm?

Keep reading... 
..and watching those loops.

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Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps Hey we all have addictions. 
Mine is weather.... 

Not the song I wanted but close enough...

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