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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hurricane Warnings.. How Do You Know A Hurricane is Headed Your Way? Memorial Day and the Tropical Waters Are Warning Up. Mother Nature Had a Busy Night Last Night

Short post and a request you read the previous posts on the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season that sometimes gets lost in the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. There is no first pitch tossed out by the President to mark the beginning of the Hurricane Season. The checkered flag is not waved and few even know what a real Hurricane Flag looks like but the Hurricane Season happens June 1st whether you are ready for tropical weather or not. Luckily for business at the beaches there is no early Hurricane sneaking in under the wire. Stay tuned.........they will come.

If you try Googling be specific or you may get results such as the ones below. Wrong colors but you get the idea. Everything in life is about specific and the devil is in the details. So learn the details.

Years ago people heard the news...
...when they saw the flag flying.

Now days you find out how?

a) Your mother texts you and asks what kind of stuff do you want for the Hurricane..
b) A Whatsapp group forms as you are suddenly in the 3 Day Cone..
c) Someone told you Jim Cantore was at the beach.
d) You get an email your flight to Miami is cancelled.
e) Hurricane Cindy started trending on Twitter.
f) Your phone whistles, beeps and sends you a weather warning?
g) You still have a weather radio and followed it since it was a vigorous wave?
h) You get to Publix and there is no water and long lines?
i) You get the newspaper still and there's pictures of people shopping at Publix.
j) Snapchat started showing beach scenes and something about Cindy
k) You read my blog!!
l) You are addicted to . . . 
m) Your weather app warned you.
n) Facebook Feed showed pictures of no water or beer at Publix.
o) ABC, CBS and NBC are all talking about Hurricane Cindy so you watch Netflix.
p) You slept through it and have no electricity and the palm tree blew away...
q) on woke up.
r) says hype level is 7 
s) You have been tracking it since 10.2N and 42.3W
t) You asked someone what "vigorous" means.
u) They broke into General Hospital to tell you that you are now in the Cone?
v) Your little sister named Cindy just got a Hurricane Cindy Tattoo on her shoulder
w) You're a softcore fanatic and check the site every hour.
x) You're really a hardcore fanatic and tell time by the NHC clock on the bottom left.
y) What's a hurricane?
z) You have no power and are clueless what happened to your roof and electric :(

Heads up time bottom left...

How do you find out about Hurricanes these days? I'm pretty sure it's not because a flag is waving and if you are here you are not part of the problem, but part of the solution. So help spread the news. I'm pretty sure I missed a few possible ways. But, years ago people saw the flag flying on the highest building around. Years ago there were only a few channels on the TV and they all were following the storm. Years ago kids watched TV not Netflix on their smart phone. Years ago more people were #HurricaneStrong picking up maps, tracking and following each and every wave. Once burned by a storm you didn't let that happen again and watched each vigorous wave. Many years ago you didn't get any warnings at all; the town washed away, people died and those who survived moved further inland. Now days we have many ways of communicating the dangers but in reality for many until they are in the 3 Day Cone they rarely take it seriously. Big mistake if Hurricane Cindy hits your town. 

So leaving you with that question. How do you find out about a Hurricane today in 2017. 

The water in the tropics is heating up especially in all those June favored places where storms develop.

athhp.gif (873×397)

Fronts are dipping less.
Troughs are moving West to East.
Tropical Waves are moving East to West.
June 1st is also Meteorological Summer.
Models play with ten day scenarios.

But last night it was all about the Summer Lights.
Mother Nature lit up the sky in a wide array of ways.
Lightning and thunder.
Tornadoes on the ground....
Northern Lights in the sky.
Lightning bugs danced at dusk.

TWC stayed on all night covering severe storms.

If you have some extra time today... up on the ways to prepare for a Hurricane

Enjoy the weekend.
Have fun.

Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps... Read the previous blogs with good info. And if Hurricane Cindy heads for Miami... I am so sorry but well it is the C storm and sometimes they do that and this year may be that sort of year according to many experts.

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At 10:41 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you Bobbi,I listen to you and Mike.
If I get real brave I look into the others, sounds like Florida maybe rockin N rollin this season..I appreciate all that you do


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