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Friday, July 04, 2014

Arthur's Weather Affecting NJ & NY in Distant Bands... JFK was closed earlier... Hurricane Holiday

This is how Hurricane Arthur looks on the very beautiful Canadian Enhanced Sat Imagery.

Where's Arthur?
The NHC will tell you it is miles off shore south of Long Island moving NE.

Where do you see the weather associated with Hurricane Arthur? Ummm NJ.. NY.. CT.. NE...

Yes it is only rain and a light winds with some stronger gusts. Of course we have localized flooding, but apparently it floods out here on Long Island often in any strong rain storm. Sort of like Miami Beach floods in any strong thunderstorm at high tide.. But, this is not picnic weather or a normal July 4th at the Beach. The beach is very choppy, beach roads have some minor flooding and the rain is coming down very hard. See my TV.. and the window that looks out onto Norton Basin.

This is me... a bit wind blown from being out in the rain just now standing in front of the Basin.
The Basin rarely gets any waves though the neighbor to the right had the water fill up his first floor during Hurricane Sandy. He is in fact STILL LIVING ON THE SECOND FLOOR. More on that later..when there is no Hurricane currently on the table.

There were reports that JFK was closed due to some high surf and high winds earlier. They seem to have reopened as I can hear the planes landing once again. Obviously the wind is windy and there are small ripple like waves flowing fast behind me on what is normally extremely still waters.

Normally I stay in the "Heights" being Crown Heights in the yellow circle on the left.
My daughter Dina moved out to the orange dot in Bayswater
JFK is just out her window to the right... we watch planes taking off from her deck
The water during Hurricane Sandy came in the Bay on the back side of Breezy Point and travel quite far ...

This house down the block is the last house before the water... the water obviously took the first floor ...
After ripping out the wood work, it is boarded up and the owner lives on the 2nd floor.
Why do people live here? The last hurricane to come near here was Hurricane Gloria in 1985

That means for 27 years.... they woke up every morning to the breeze on their deck..
Watched the sunset every evening ... 
And, trust me every day here the sunset is different... 
This was 2 nights filter as we say..

Then came Sandy...

He's still living on the top floor... on his deck every morning and every evening watching the view..
The birds circling around and singing...
The tides going in and out...

NatLoop_Small.gif (600×282)

Normally the hurricanes sail away to the South out to sea or off to Canada.
There is rain, wind and some local coastal flooding and then....
The sun comes out in time for sunset

And, that is why people live on Miami Beach, Myrtle Beach and Rockaway Beach..
and every other beach or bay or sound in Hurricane Country.

As for me... currently
2PM Advisory for Hurricane Arthur:
90 MPH
977 MB.

The core of the Hurricane may be far to the South, but his weather is up close and personal where the weather was so bad they briefly shut down JFK.

I have thought since the weather mass connected with Hurricane Irene caused massive street flooding and several deaths in the Miami area...despite having the eye come onshore on the West Coast. 

We need to not just assume citizens will watch the proper authority when a hurricane is nearby, but not on top of you. Not everyone knows to go to the NWS site vs the NHC site. 

Just a thought.

As for Hurricane Arthur and the damage he left behind...

They are still assessing the damage to the temporary bridge over the Oregon Inlet ... and many roads in OBX Land are still flooded or covered with sand. 

Hurricane Arthur's fast forward speed helped minimize the damage. does the news in North Carolina better than anyone...

More sound side flooding than expected as they expected Hurricane Arthur to most likely stay off the coast and stay just off shore.

Hurricane Arthur will most likely move just to the East of Cape Cod (but we thought Arthur would miss the Outer Banks too..) and he may or may not hit Canada.

I'm going shopping for Shabbos... things like this...

I will update later but for now this is the track.. I'd go with the Canadian Track as it best shows ALL effects.

The shaded area on the NAVY map on the left...
shows areas where boats need to be concerned... the circles the path.

The NHC on the right...
shows approximate path of the core of the storm..

I'm going out to the beach now with my daughter to see the waves and feel the wind
as Arthur moves by to our South..

Besos Bobbi

Ps... yes it IS a Hurricane Holiday for me afterall..


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