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Monday, August 19, 2013

Someone Name That High... It's Blowing Crazy in Key West... A definite problem later in the season............

Watch this loop:

GOES-East Enhanced Water Vapor Weather Satellite Loop

See that little tropical wave pasing thru the Florida Keys... made for an awesome storm this morning at sunrise...or just after :)

No circles anywhere ..... look at that high PUSHING...SHOVING everything WEST

This is how strong the breeze is in Key West this morning. Flags flying straight out and I've rarely been here when there was this much nonstop wind when there was not a storm out there. I guess we should name the HIGH...

So.... at sunrise this odd Hurricane Symbol sort of display glowed in the sky...

Or it's a face looking down? Really did look like a Hurricane Symbol to me...  

From the pier at the Southernmost Hotel..Motel...whatever they call it. Used to be Atlantic Shores, now it's a bit more upscale but very nice. Nespresso Machines and blenders in the rooms... wow, you can't beat that..

I'll be back with more information ...after I dig some up. There really isn't much going on right now. The Atlantic High Owns the Room it seems. Does it own all the rooms?

If a storm forms... the Keys might just be in the way of the path to the Gulf ala 2005. Maybe.

Got to tell you... as wonderful as watching the sunrise is down here...having a Nespresso Bar in your room is what living is to me ;)

Besos Bobbi


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