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Friday, September 15, 2017

Jose Flirts With Fenway Park ... OBX to Cape Cod & Beyond Watch Him Carefully. Beach Erosion, Rip Tides Possible. And... TD14.. Lee Maria in the Wings... Stay Prepared

Before I talk in depth on Jose I'm going to say this about the mysterious looper. Watch the wind probs more than the cone. If your city is in the wind probs then you need to keep an eye on Jose. I didn't say obsess or panic but he may be coming close to you and you need to watch him. He most likely will stay offshore, though I cannot guarantee that and if I think he could make landfall I will say so even if it's not the center of the NHC cone. Cones are for ice cream not hurricanes and especially not hurricanes at high latitudes where the winds often spread out at the surface and effects from storm surge beach erosion and riptides can be felt even while it's gliding by offshore.  Note discussion below showing that Jose is forecast to regain the title hurricane again. What I'm wondering on is if it stalls or loops again in his middle age. Maybe his old age as we've been tracking him a long time. So this bears watching...

There are a lot of cities in there from South Carolina and the Outer Banks all the way up to New England, so you might wanna check and see if your city is in the wind probabilities as merely a measure of how often you need to check on Jose down the tropical road. Bermuda is in those probabilities too... so obviously it could stay far off shore.

Then we have TD14.
Short track.

Models below.
Does it die at sea?
Go out to sea.
Or go to see Miami?
(it rhymed don't panic)

It could more likely ...
..go to Carolinas.
DOWN the road.
Or not.
Weather is fluid.
Long term models iffy at best.

Watching TD14 from Savannah.
NOT Montana.
Sort of a virtual vacation.
My hotel thinks I'm out west.

Below are a group of models you can see.

They are not to panic.
They are just to show...

The model shows up in red bottom right.
For example below is the EURO

Kind of close.
Kissing land.
Touching land.
Reaching out...
Singing Sweet Carolina..
uh uh uh..
Trying to see Fenway Pank

Stop obsessing on Jose.
Look down below.
Another storm forms.

Wind view.
Lots of storms.
Tropics active.


So may possibilities.


Yeah... scary huh?

So many storms.
So many models.
Watch them on satellite imagery.
Never date a model..
..they are unfaithful

In closing I got to hit the road cause I need to be in South Florida by sunset. Going to be in Walnut Creek, North Miami Beach and Hollywood. Who knows how far South I will get this trip.  Who knows where Jose will really go.... down the road. Is he a teaser, a flirt or the real thing? Once he starts really moving, cruising we will know for sure. As for the Lee and Maria which ever one will be which... one of them could give South Florida a real scare and then move up towards the Carolinas... following in big brother Jose's path? Stay tuned... going to get me some more incredible coffee in Savannah this morning before hitting the road again.  

And I didn't say it but many of those models show another hit in the islands. More in depth on that later. 

Spring became the summer... and then the summer becomes Autumn and Hurricanes reach out, touching us, touching you ... and we need to be prepared... always.. 

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter for updates in real time.
Ps I'll proof later and update later

Ps...  uh uh oh....  So I'm wondering is Jose a Red Sox fan or a Yankees fan?

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