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Friday, September 08, 2017

Irma West Bound ... Detour to N Coast of Cuba ? Florida Keys Seem Most Under the Gun. Time Will Tell Concern For Naples, Tampa, Sarasota... Will Miami Keep It's Magic?

Cone at 5 PM 

Note all of FL still in the Cone.
Looking better for Miami.
Looking worse for the Keys.
Could Tampa and Naples get Irma?
Or does Irma cross Keys and go N?
When does the weather begin?
PLEASE use THIS site below:

Saturday Morning 8 AM
Miami Homestead Keys.
Should have TS winds.
Then comes hurricane forece.

How long does this W movement continue?
Time will tell.

Close up of Irma near Cuban Coast.

Hoping it visits Havana personally.

ALL models take it UP Florida.

Not looking great for West Coast.
Euro may have won this won.

Close up below.

Some of my kids are driving North.
They left Orlando for Raleigh.
When it seemed the cane would come closer.
They should be here for lunch...

And in Miami my brother is ready for the storm.
The Shabbos table set... can see it's dark.
Those are hurricane shutters up.
What we call a Hurricane Shabbos.
Happens in Florida in September..

The truth is until this hurricane, a very stubborn hurricane, makes landfall we don't know how far West it will go or where it will make the turn. It's hard to believe it won't as ALL models call for a turn. It's only a matter of where and when. A bit stressed here and been hard to be on much as in touch with everyone in Miami. I'll give my thoughts after the Jewish Sabbath. I'll be offline until then. As always check with the NHC and 

So far seems it will go through the Keys somewhere and the SW coast should get a big hit. Miami should be in the NE rough quandrant and let's hope it's interaction with Cuba slows it's intensity.

Stay safe. Do NOT take chances. Hunker down. Breathe. Don't panic. This too shall pass as my m other would say...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

I'll update tomorrow around 8 PM.

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