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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Miami and Miami Beach Flooding ... Remnants of Moisture from Emily, Frontal Boundary, High Tide and New Convection in the GOM ... a HOT FLOODED MESS

It started with a friend posting on Facebook.
This is Mid Beach... 41st Street area on Miami Beach.
Not an area that floods all the time.
My friend said she has heard stories of roofs caving in..
Water getting into people's homes...
And she's a good source.
I believer her.. 

Live Video

It's worth noting this happened in a short time.
Almost minutes according to many in the flooded zone.
More information is needed and it's a developing situation.

Emily is far away.
This is not from Emily.
This is a messy cocktail of misery.
The trof previously associated with Emily.
More Tropical Moisture moving in from GOM.
A tale of tropical moisture from below.
High Tide.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Notice how everything is funneling moisture to S FL.

A hot mess of moist elements causing serious flooding.

Miami Beach is also under a warning not shown above.

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

The area being watched in the GOM... leaning over towards Florida.
It doesn't have to be organized to add to the problem.

This below is just by Bayside.
I've stood there a ton of times.
It's a block from the Bay.
The Bay has risen.
Heavy rains, clogged drains.
When we ask tourists not to put things into drains..
..we mean it.
Every street drain there feeds into the Bay a block away.

The intense rain storm that caused the flooding shown below.

Lincoln Road and West Avenue.
Floods ALWAYS.
I lived a block from there.
Flooded in 1973.

This is I believe Miami Beach but I could be wrong.
You get the idea...

HIGH TIDE + Heavy Rain.
Extremely heavy rain.
More than 5 inches I believe but not sure yet on totals.
It's still raining.

You might check out Facebook Live by putting in Miami Beach Flooding to the search browser.

This an ongoing issue. As I said yesterday when a storm is tracking in one direction and the weather mass is moving into another it usually becomes a flooding mess for someone. And Miami is getting flooded after days of regular rain Miami got slammed by the heaviest moisture from Emily in the same way it did in 1999 from Irene. As I mentioned yesterday.

And more is on the way from the area in the GOM that is not yet highlighted. The wave in the Atlantic is yellow again.

ft-animated.gif (720×480)

Besos BobbiStorm.

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