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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cat 2 Hurricane Otto Making Thanksgiving Day Landfall. And My Thoughts On Being Thankful!!


In motion. Incredible

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Don't mean to bring you all down but this is a Killer Hurricane.

My friend Jim Williams would point out the deaths were from flooding.
Yes, so true. Flooding caused by Otto.
Rare to see this misery there in November.
But it does happen. Martha 1969 
5 fatalities. November.
Landfall in Panama not Nicaragua tho both got weather.

Otto is a dangerous hurricane.
Usually M N and O storms are a problem for the Caribbean.
Mitch for instance. Matthew caused trouble as well.
Jamaica keeps getting lucky.
Jamaica has much to be thankful for.............

Wow, wow Otto... Look at Otto! Cat 2 and running out of room while he tries to make Cat 3. He should stay where he is now, however he was not forecast to be a Cat 2 just a minimal 75 MPH hurricane so let's see how the day plays out. As for me I'm typing this while watching the Macy's Day Parade with one of my daughter-in-laws who is online. I used to watch the parade with my baby brothers in bed making a lot of noise annoying my mother who wasn't much into parades. Actually, my mother wasn't much into Thanksgiving. My Aunt made big meals or we went out to eat somewhere. My father would take me out to a Cafeteria usually around Thanksgiving so I could enjoy a "real meal" you know with the dressing and mashed potatoes and gravy. When my kids growing up I made huge meals, decorated the turkey and we had fun. Meyer kids generally have fun, just saying. But now I'm online with my brother in Greece listening to the song he sent me and talking to my daughter-in-law on messenger!! 2016 ... so much to give thanks for!!! So much!!!!

We can watch hurricanes on satellite imagery with incredible models that help in early warnings for areas that years ago had no warnings before they were slammed with deadly storm surge. I think that's something to give thanks for ...

And I can talk to my kids on Whatsapp, Snapchat, FaceTime and regular old messenger from Facebook while doing anything except handling dangerous equipment. Who knew the Internet had so much in common with Dimetapp? That said... I can watch the parade, sip Nespresso Latte and write while in bed under the warm covers as I balance the phone on one knee next to the laptop. Later we can be together on Facebook Live. Gotta love 2016 on so many levels for the ways we stay in touch on Twitter after "migrating" from AOL :) (for u know who you are...)

I think you get where I'm going.... There is so much to give thanks for and as always it's what you focus on in life. I was taught my a spiritual mentor friend a saying from a Rebbe from years back. In spiritual matters you look up at people who have more than you to be more like them spiritually on any level even New Age "just think happy thoughts" or pray to the Lord whatever works for you. My additional thoughts here. And on material things you look at those who need and have less than you. Obviously to help them and give charity and be thankful for all you do have in your life. <--- charity="" feel="" give="" need="" p="" should="" suddenly="" the="" to="" you="">
If you spend your time always upset because you don't have as much as the next guy or gal... you are never happy. I remember growing up in Miami Beach in a very wealthy area or more so an area where some people were very wealthy and others like us lived in old, affordable mini Roaring 20s mansions that needed much work but I loved that house. We were told we had structural damage from the 1926 Hurricane that would never be fixed completely. But some neighbors lived on North Bay Road and near by Pine Tree Drive. So there was this nice kid who came over often to play with my kids who lived in a big, beautiful home on North Bay Road but it was on the landlocked side of the street (means he had a backyard not on the water) and all day from his fancy, beautifully decorated, expensive house he'd look out across the street at the larger mansion ON THE WATER that looked out on Biscayne Bay. We'd remind him he had a beautiful house. He's look sad and say "yeah but it's not the same" and I'd giggle and pray a bit that when he grows up he will look back and appreciate all he had back then on the wrong side of the expensive street.

The point again here is what you focus on ..............

People need rain in parts of the country that are in drought, that's a NEED not a want though they be wanting rain bad. People go through a whole winter and barely get snow and are sad. Some people I knew growing up would cry as kids when a hurricane turned away from making landfall in Miami. And speaking of Miami "Hey how about those Dolphins??"

Just something to think on if you are here today reading my blog on Thanksgiving. We go through years of no hurricanes and then El Nino leaves and the switch is flipped. I do think La Nina is here in some way and we will have a strong winter in some areas. I know that sounds vague, but we have to see how the storm tracks play out in real time.

And some people are already focusing on whether Paula will form...

So stay tuned and be very happy for what you DO have and maybe next year you'll have more of what is on your wish list!

Happy Thanksgiving from Raleigh where the temperature is supposed to hit 71 degrees today. Now I'm thinking we should have gone to Myrtle Beach. But making a quiet, sort of romantic candle lit dinner for tonight and planning on relaxing from the crazy whirl of social events a few days ago in Brooklyn.

I'll update later today after landfall. And landfall is coming soon. Worth noting they have it decreasing in intensity down to 70 MPH at landfall. That would mean it makes landfall not as a hurricane but as a tropical storm. Despite the climo and weather history of the region I'm not convinced it won't be hurricane status at landfall. Otto has been an over performer since day 1.

As always time will tell.
And a special thanks to Mike from Spaghetti Models
Loved the Facebook Live during Matthew.
As we move forward with no ways to communicate.
Communicate, educate and sometimes entertain you.
That's what many of us try to do.
Knowledge is power!

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter... look me up!

Ps Be Safe.. no operating the toaster if you have made too many toasts ;)

And some musical epicurean delights from when my old house on Miami Beach was young ;)

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