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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Wild Storms Miami .. Monsoonal Rain. Nothing Going On In Tropics Yet.. Storms Chasing in Miami From My Favorite Starbuckso

Home in Miami Beach.
Where even the Taxi drivers hawk the weather!

This was yesterday afternoon
Causeway from Miami Beach back to Miami.
A wall of gray rain doesn't photograph well.
Hard to explain it was a curtain of gray moving across the bay.
Enveloped us in torrential downpours.
Total white out, traffic crawled.
A typical day in Miami.
This time of year.

Stalled fronts and monsoonal rains combined for great storms.

On any normal day this is the same view.

We glide over the causeway and stare off in the distance.
Miami, Aventura
You can see everything from the high bridge on the Julia Tuttle Causeway.
Not yesterday.

But it's okay as I was playing yesterday.
Playing in my old haunts.
Driving by my old house.
Having Starbucks at the Eden Roc
I even got a real Starbucks drink.
You know the one with the waffle cone bits.

Fun day.
Rain day.

Out with my son the architect student showing me buildings.
Discussion Miami Beach History.

Like this spite wall that is 

Before the walls..

Wide shot how they look from further away

You can even see the shadow on the hotel's pool here.

May I add.. Eden Roc has a really nice Starbucks :)
 Below... without the walls.
Before the spite wall was built.

I always wonder what the wind speed would be thru those walls in a Cane.

Some great links if you want to read what a grudge will do to the landscape

Cliff notes: When the Fountainebleau Hotel was built it was meant to be the newest, fanciest, best hotel on Miami Beach. The hotel to end all grand hotels. High up past 41st Street where there was nothing but mansions overlooking the beach past the old hotels. But then the Eden Roc was built, though not as big whimsically wonderful, classy in a quiet playful, Aladdin nights way. Same architect. Same beach.
Same View. But alas a beautiful pool area and and it really upset the owner of the hotel just to the South the Fountainebleau so he had a big, enourmous ugly wall built just to the South to block out the sun of the pool of the new hotel. Miami in the days of the Rat Pack, glamour, mob ties and feuds over who had the best pool to sunbathe. Wasn't a feud til someone made it a feud. Yes, there were the Hatfields and McCoys in some neck of the woods in our neck of the woods we had a hotel feud, a spite wall built. Each found ways over time to annoy the other until they kind of made up as time went by and now they own that part of the beach. Just North of the Eden Roc is a public parking lot where local kids hung out, made out and often storm chased as it was the best location on Mid Beach to set up to watch a hurricane come in. I lived about 5 blocks from there as the crow flies.. maybe less. Fountainebleau mall downstairs was our playground, best place to play pin ball. But the Eden Roc not as big is really nicer in ways that are hard to explain. Less in your face "GLAMOUR SPOT" less noisy tourists drunk wandering around out of conventions.

So those are my thoughts today.
Having fun being home ...
...hanging out.
Watching the clouds and the rain.

Nothing developing right now...
except fun not in the sun.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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