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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Colin Gone Merged Into The Front. Could It Spin Up Again? Keep Watching. More Possible Development Down the Road? Muhammed Ali and Kimbo Slice Gone in the Same Week. Big Miami Stories. Legends Gone. Dawg Fight Trailer Explains Kimbo Slice. A Slice of South Florida

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I want to point out three things this morning.
Tropically 3 things.
And at the end some thoughts on the death of 2 Greats who passed this week.

First off... #1 is Colin is off the SE coast.

Colin is passing Bonnie's old stomping grounds.
Colin could briefly flare up where Bonnie did.
Trends and patterns from year to year are worth watching

Again note they did not finish drawing the track of Colin.
Take it across Florida and it criss crosses Bonnie's track.
Bonnie's track is close to Alex's track.

This is rare but Wikipedia is not updated.
Someone is falling down on their job over there.
Extrapolate the track of Colin over towards SE Coast.
All 3 of the systems this year have been off the SE Coast.
This plays into the concerns of a busy hurricane season.
And the discussion on both GOM and SE Coast being in play this year.
So far every storm has managed to be near the same general area.

Tropical Depression 1-E is in the East Pac.
Well it was but it's moving towards Mexico now.

7:00 AM CDT Tue Jun 7
Location: 15.1°N 95.1°W
Moving: ENE at 6 mph
Min pressure: 1008 mb
Max sustained: 35 mph

It is possible, just a possibility, that this could try and develop in GOM

We are talking about moisture moving from one place to another.
Not an organized system.
Still models have been suggesting the GOM may be busy again soon.
If so the sparks to light the keg may be from TD 1-E

The third thing I want to mention is there is a tropical wave.
It's obvious here that the moisture train from Mexico is crossing into the GOM
It's also obvious there is the slightest roll on the wave near the islands.
An attempt at a roll or twist of spin.
Watch it.. it's interesting. 

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

1 2 3
Easy as A B C

Colin off SE coast moving NE away rapidly
Leftover moisture from Colin in GOM and TD 1-E
Tropical Wave near the islands that crossed the Atlantic.

Some things to think on.

I also want to go off topic here briefly.
Not too far off topic as there were big stories this week.
Especially big in Miami.

First off Muhammad Ali passed away this week.
I noticed but Colin was on the map.
So I waited to talk on it.
He was a fixture in the Miami area.
He trained at a gym down on South Beach...
...before South Beach was trendy again.

The big fight was the same week or two the Beatles invaded Miami Beach.
They made an appearance at the gym.
Both loved photo ops.
A moment in time.
Oh what a time it was.
Sad loss.

Last night news of Kimbo Slice dying hit the Internet.
A lot of people, especially in South Florida, were very sad.
He was a legend in the South Florida area.
Sad loss.

Two men who made the most of their life.
Two men who believed in themselves.
Two men very admired.

You can see more of Kimbo's world in the video below.
If you follow tropical storms in Wyoming and wondered who he was..

Some people like football, some like NASCAR some tennis...
Others have other sports and passions.
Some people like Hurricanes...

To learn more about this sport in this part of the world.

No one tells a story like Rakontur

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

If you live in Key West.... might want to keep the candles burning.

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