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Monday, June 20, 2016

TS Danielle Forms. Why We Need to Watch Weak West Bound Tropical Waves. Camille Teaches Us a Lesson VS Debbie Who in 1969. Summertime.. Summer Solstice

At 8 AM the NHC upgraded TD #4 to Tropical Storm Danielle.
Recon went in, satellite imagery confirms what recon found.

Danielle has formed, the 4th earliest storm in history.
Small, compact, wet Danielle.
Major impact heavy rains.
The name will remain..

As the sun rises you will see Danielle.
Round, spinning close to the coast.
Making landfall.
Touchdown on Tuxpan.


Not a lot to write home about unless you live there.
This is what happens in Tuxpan in a Tropical Storm.
Tropical Storm Arlene...another June TS

After the storm passes.
Tuxpan Mexico 

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Without getting all snarky about the short life of this tropical storm...
...or the waste of a beautiful name that will remain on the list.

Note the flare up of Danielle on the WV Loop.

Also note the larger picture.
The rain from Danielle will ooze itself up into the Desert SW
USA Desert SW and they can use any relief from the heat
This is part of what happens in that part of the world.
And a good illustration of how tropical cyclones....
...transport heat and moisture north to the poles.

Moisture below enhances moisture in other areas.
High surf on a normally tranquil beach creates problems.

I want to remind you where storms like this come from...
...before they come together at a point on a map.

Westbound Tropical Waves 
I say this because there are more waves moving West.
There are models that consistently show things forming in the GOM.
When you have fronts moving South...
...and tropical waves moving West.
Things happen.

Note this screen snap shot of Mike's Twitter Feed
Could Earl be forming near the Yucatan again?
GFS model consistent. Keep watching.
Note to the bottom center tile the strong ITCZ

I've heard talk on how their is so much dust this year.
Spoiler Alert there is always Saharan Dust this time of year.
But...not being redundant ...
I'll remind you early East Atlantic Hurricanes curve out to sea.
Almost always.
Whereas Tropical Waves that make it past South America...
...and move their way into the Caribbean...
..up towards the Yucatan or GOM..
Often form into larger storms closer in bound to impact someone.
Large or small they can form close in...
...bull in the china shop making landfall somewhere.

Think of them like the tortoise and the hare.
Classic story of a late bloomer that's a winner.
Slow, steady wins the game sometimes in the tropics.

Danielle was a Hurricane in 1998.
Big beautiful Hurricane.
Curved beautifully out to sea.
A kind hurricane.
That's why the name remains.

In 2010 Hurricane Danielle was a Fish storm as well.


In 1969 a weak tropical wave ignited in the Caribbean going into the GOM
As Camille made landfall Debbie spun larger than life out at sea curving.

Compare and contrast the tracks of Camille and Debbie 1969

One wave forms fast into Hurricane Debbie..
...then swims out to sea.
The name remains.

One  wave did not much for a long time...
...then explodes late into a Major Hurricane.
The name was retired.

So watch those weak west bound waves......

It's a classic set up.
As classic as small tropical storms spinning up in BOC.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps... that huge wind and surf maker is still off the E Coast.
Happy Summer Solstice.
Summer is here.


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