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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Questions On LOW off East Coast. Heat Ridge. BOC. Staycation Means Stay Home and Play ONLINE in the AC ..Watch the African Wave Train

Posting this from Mike's Weather Page on Facebook.
I figure a lot of people are on vacation these days.
Possibly too broke to go anywhere so it's Staycation days...
Why not follow Mike on Facebook?
It's a whole tropical kingdom ... 
Make friends. Post your thoughts.

Lots of good message boards and places to play these days. sponsors
Another tropical playground you can find while enjoying AC

It's hot out there. Really, really, really HOT.
Stay inside, make a cold drink, crank up the AC and join in the fun.

Speaking of heat... 
Larry Cosgrove had been warning for days about the heat in the Ozarks.
Texas, Arkansas... baking this week.

Larry and I became friends years back.
I've watched him migrate all over the internet.
Using social media to get the word out.
Wishing he was talking tropics ...
But when there's something to talk he will.
He nailed this system that has latched onto the middle of the country.

It's only 10 AM but by 4 PM these temps will be crazy
Save this link watch the temperatures climb.

Heat kills more people than most tropical events.
Stay hydrated please.
Stay inside in the AC if you can.. play online ;)

When heat ridges set up they are harder to get rid of than hurricanes.

A good graphic is on
Rob high lights the area off the E Coast.
We are watching to see what develops.
As always he has good logical points of view.

A big high pressure ridge may set up and IF...
IF... a coastal low forms it may get trapped under said ridge.
In which case we will have loads to talk on tropically.

So since it's vacation or staycation I'm gonna play surfer girl.
Everyone keeps asking me about the East Coast.
Hype in multiple coastal cities is high.
Yet the NHC is not hyping it just yet.
A low forms... 
...what kind of low will it be?
Where will the low go?

Rhyme time in the tropics.

If you're gonna play surfer girl - best person to play with is @dabuh on Twitter
Well he's on Instagram, any gram.. every gram... he moves around a lot.

The image below with all the arrows and smiley faces is his:

This shows the set up clearly.
Keep watching to see if something shows up on satellite imagery.
Or if the NHC weighs in...

Go ahead try and find him on your favorite social media platform.
He sings a nice song when in a good mood.
So do I ... when inspired.

Taking this semi quiet time in the tropics to highlight sites I love.

Note... old Cape Verde Wave still alive and swimming.
New Cape Verde Wave about to dive into the Atlantic.

JohnHope said they have to get north to Dakaar..
10 degrees is where they need to be.
But often .. in years that begin in January like this one..
I don't turn my back on the African Wave Train 
Miss him but life goes and and so does the wave train.
And in a year when it feels like August in June..'s never too soon.
Improbable yeah but never say never.

A look back at 1996
Jim not John doing Bertha in July.
"Oh what we see with that Gulfstream"

So find your favorite playground online.
You never know how it might change your life.
It definitely changed my life...
(insert massive giggling fits)
It's cooler inside than outside.
Order sushi or pizza in...

Let the models fight it out if the coastal low makes landfall ..
If the coastal low forms.
If it gets a name.

Til it forms a little...
i'm gonna hang out and follow online.
While I'm traveling slowly back up the coast.
Hanging out in JAX this morning.

Following arrows and smiles.

That's my tropical discussion today.
Please read the last post as it says much that's still valid.

That's me.. BobbiStorm
Straight from the heart... 
...BobbiStorm's Bottom Line:

There's a lot going on but it's at low levels ...
...and far off still.

Waves moving West...
Yucatan Convection.
Storms off the East Coast.
Invest in the EPAC but will it get a name.

Watching the tropics is a creative art form this time of year.
When there are only innuendos and model's dreaming on development.

Until we get an Invest or a Floater Satellite up...
We are just talking steamy heat, sticky moisture and tropical possibilities.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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