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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cold Valentine's Day But Beautiful. What is Sea Smoke ?? It's beautiful...

A sort of divided nation temperature wise this Valentines Day.
The East Coast thinks its the coldest Valentines Day ever... 
But... its in the 50s in Oregon and Northern California.
Texas isn't all that chilly. 
Florida is balmy.
But ... 
Frozen temperatures dipped down into Dixie.
New York City is cold. Very cold.
But it's winter. 

How rare is this?

In New England, New York and parts of the Mid West it's Record Breaking.

Let's look at Marquette. It's cold.
Do you know where Marquette is?
I know because a really cute, sweet, guy drew a map for me once.
Sexy map. Sort of like a Valentine.
Way up north.
When they say it's cold in's cold.

In New York City things are freezing.
My daughter's view of the bay is winter beautiful.

Frozen Pond. Skeletons of the old Bayswater Yacht Club peeking thru..

In Boston they are having Sea Smoke.

What is Sea Smoke/

Beautiful video.

Stunning pictures. Really.
I'm snuggled in bed as I type this...
...wearing a darker shade than this model but same sweater.
For those people who are always wondering.

It's so warm even my shoulder doesn't feel cold ;)
Victoria's Secret has great winter wear.
Add in furry boots. 

When I'm done I'm putting on my hooded puffer coat.
Add in fur lined boots ;)
Miami Girl does winter ...

Braving the weather to go out and about.
Because tomorrow in Raleigh we are expecting real winter weather.
Freezing Rain.
This time we are on the other edge of the watch area..
Go figure.

The Full Monty but no real accumulation.
As the rain falling will wash it all away. (in theory..)

Hmmmm sounds like Whose on first discussion.

Besos BobbiStorm.
Sweet Tropical Dreams this Valenine's Day.
Thank you..for being here.


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