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Monday, July 22, 2013

World Waits for Royal Birth... We watch waves by Africa & Yellow Circles

Yellow circle over the newest emerging Cape Verde Wave on the Coast of Africa. Worth nothing part of the circle was carefully placed on the coastline to differentiate it from the lead wave that is still going vaguely strong and juicing up the environment out ahead of this much anticipated wave. It's a two part process this early in the season. The lead wave acts as a blocker for the one carrying the ball behind it. The "ball" being the low pressure centered that distinguishes this wave from others. This is the wave the models were waxing poetic on and then went suddenly silent. But, despite the weak model support the NHC has decided to honor it with a yellow 10% circle ...note not a Zero % chance.

As the world waits to see if the baby in England is a girl or a boy... and what the future King or Queen's name will be... weather watchers are watching this wave to see if there is any chance this one might get a name.

Official words from the NHC..and you know how carefully they are with their words...


Interesting loop to look at this morning for many reasons. For one you can see the lead wave out in front moving west bound. Doing it's job nicely and it's almost an impossible job and pretty much a suicide mission. Moving along into the dry darkness that is the East Atlantic trying to lend the wave behind it some moisture that could enhance it's "marginally" chances to have some development. It's as Mike said earlier on his Facebook page.. a "watch and wait" situation.  "But realistically at this point it is watch,wait, and see. Conditions are supportive for some development (as noted by the NHC)."

Mike is right. Very well put.

So we are watching....

Close up picture of THE wave vs the "lead wave"

Note it has a sort of face here... two eyes... a smile... really what it has is areas of intense convection with hints where bands could go IF it develops.

So glad we got that satellite fixed...

Also worth noting...

1... A wave approaching Puerto Rico will be flaring up as it moves west and over the islands and it will bring yet more rain as it moves on it's way towards South Florida. Miami Beach get ready...

2... The area off the Coast of Carolina (listening to Jimmy Buffett this morning... still...) has a sense of coalescing of convection in an interesting way that is worth watching for any possible development. During this current set up (huge dry high across the Atlantic) it's always worth watching areas close in where the water is warm and especially when models show something possibly developing.
In other tropical news...

Miami is dealing with the sudden approach of Saharan Dust. It dried out the air a bit and makes beautiful sunrise and sunsets. Creates asthma problems for those who are prone to breathing problems. Helps car washes make extra money cleaning off all those beautiful cars you see on the streets of South Beach. It also takes a yellow marker and helps show you where the waves and tropical storms and hurricanes may go as the flow is set and the pattern will not change much in the next month. Where dust goes... storms often follow. In those wonder years of the 1960s storms we had massive problems with Saharan Dust also; dust so thick that you could draw your initials on your father's car and get yelled at as the cars were so red...and your initials so white. Neil Frank used to speak on this when I was a little girl. No one did the tropics like Neil Frank, not even Bryan though Bryan is the best once there is a Category 5 hurricane aimed directly at you. Sort of wild to think on it that I've known Neil Frank and Bill Gray both intense very interesting compelling men.


35 Million Dollars of Cocaine captured ...seized??? off Miami. Isn't it nice to know that the economy down in Miami is still alive and kicking ;)

Besos Bobbi

Ps...will be back later if and when anything develops anywhere...   watch the waves.. beautiful swimmers.
Also it is swimming much slower than Chantal did....


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