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Friday, July 19, 2013

ULL with No Name in the Gulf of Mexico, Cousin SAL & Wet Years for Canes in FL... SC/NC & GOM

That's a very thin, light weight front.. but a front never the less.

A massive ULL has moved into the Gulf of Mexico and taken up residence. That is the ULL that has been controlling the tropics for the last few weeks that was westbound.

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

Waves are battling their way west head down into the Saharan Dust that has taken up residence in the Eastern Atlantic.

You can see the waves trying... but they can't get going. There's a weak one in the Atlantic..
you can also see the large area of moist weather... historic rain totals for PR yesterday
as it approached the islands.

AGAIN.... this pattern is set. Today they are waves... down the road they are Canes.

Note Upper Level Low... and the circle it goes round and round ...

And the painted pony goes up and down... is that a wild loop or what?

What I am going to post on later today is a bit of hurricane history that needs to be repeated.

When you have a very wet pattern set up it means just as much as a Dry May.

Record rainfall yesterday in PR... Miami and Key West.

That is a road map for future storms around the bottom edge of the HUGE Atlantic High. Oh, it was a HUGE Atlantic High that helped propel HUGO into South Carolina also. And, the 1900 Galveston Hurricane went WNW past Havana, near Key West and slammed into Galveston. Yup.. there was a huge high then too.

National Weather Service posted a tweet on comparable years with record, historical rain fall... we will go over those storms later today. But, do not put 1900, 1919 and 1947 into the same post on rainfall without knowing that for Hurricane History Buffs ... that is like screaming SHARK in the pool at the Fountainbleau!

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Be back later...
Not MY favorite song... but does coem to mind when watching a long loop...

Watch the spin in the Gulf of Mexico ...courtesy of the ULL that has no name.

Better song... America... 1972..


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