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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ex-Chantal Struggles... Ain't No Storms In the Tropics Today... Only Dry Air & Shear Here Today

Nothing much going on... it's a sit and wait...wait and watch sort of day with regard to the Tropics. Either Chantal grabs a chance somewhere to pull it together again or she doesn't. The models are not in love with her chances right now ...though they fantasize a bit. Whatever models are still talking to her are taking her remnants north still.

30% Orange Circle for the remnants.. no more yellow..

Keep watching...nothing eminent now but rain.. lots and lots of rain. I will say in the image below the north part of Ex-Chantal is pulsing up a bit.. no signs of organization anywhere currently.

Thumbnail goes

"Ex-Chantal" from

2 important issues here..

1... Chantal's remains are cut off from her tropical moisture feed ...without tropical gas the car cannot go in the tropics.

2.. In the Eastern Atlantic a wave is trying to get a roll going, but the models are not are excited about development now than they were yesterday. There's always tomorrow...

Note how DRY (green blue) the ocean is where that wave would have to traverse to get to our side of the world. Note... the only energy supply available is in the SW Carib and even that is weak support. Warmer hotter water up by the coast of New Jersey tonight..go figure that one.  Right now the Atlantic is a bit unfriendly. Gulf isn't too hospitable either tonight.

We have a weak, stalled out cold front in the SE.

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

And, that's it for tonight. I'll update tomorrow when there is something to talk about. My youngest daughter is in town and we are painting the town red tomorrow..

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


Ps... note to you know who you are.. when you have someone follow me around at an event and tell me they are from Providence and how wonderful Rhode Island is incessantly ... make sure they know more about Rhode Island than the information she was provided with.... When asked "so I've heard it's nice there.. Tell me about the beaches, what are some of the nicer ones I should know about" they could not name ONE beach..not one. Fast attempt there...give her credit she tried..... "oh there are some you take small children to and others young families go to and some teenagers go to and then there are big beaches and small beaches and .." OBVIOUSLY NONE WITH NAMES..........  no words. Seriously??? Seriously???? Someone deserves their money back on that one and that is only the tip of my iceberg I am annoyed about... seriously????   Ain't no words and ain't no sunshine neither.


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