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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

5AM Update & Thoughts on TS Chantal WNW @ 26mph...

Good song to listen to ---->

Run this loop below and notice how the high is forecast to snap back into place on Tuesday, July 16th. That means if she slows down as she is forecasted to do... she will run out of town to make that run for the Outer Banks and she will careen west into which ever city in Central to Northern Florida she is due East of...   According to some of the models that is..  Hey, she could move fast and get to the Florida-Georgia line. Wouldn't that funny in a way? Maybe they could shoot a new video. Sort of like "surfin in a hurricane" but more like "playin in a tropical something"

If she keeps up her current speed and never blinks...she might make it further up the coast and then Georgia and South Carolina are in play as her ultimate destination beach.. maybe...

A lot of maybes with Chantal right now.

I'll be back around mid-day with a longer, more detailed blog. I want to see the 11 AM discussion and compare it to the      in the 5 AM discussion.


Wouldn't it be funny if it spun around and looped and... okay maybe not so funny. We don't want any more forecasters at the NHC losing any more hair or going any more gray over this early C storm as we have a long alphabet list to go through in 2013...

Currently we have Chantal going WNW at 26 MPH. Remember that ALL these models show her slowing down at some point. And, as the High backs away a little her forward speed should decrease.

8:00 AM AST Tue Jul 9
Location: 13.8°N 59.7°W
Moving: WNW at 26 mph
Min pressure: 1010 mb
Max sustained: 50 mph

There is a lot of discussion on whether she will survive the trip and fall apart ALA Debby 2000. Since then the forecasters have been very wary and careful with storms like this one and if they could find Miss Cleo and resurrect her from wandering through shopping malls in purple muumuus and turbans they might ask her to put a curse on any similar Tropical Storm to make it go poof before making such a debacle ever again.

Really it wasn't such a bad storm, it was just such a bad forecast and over reaction that Debby would move towards Miami and be the return of Donna or Andrew.

She went poof after Haiti just like Bastardi loves to rant about.

Anyway,  the condition of Chantal at that point on the 5th day seems more the question of the hour than where she will ultimately be.  This morning the models dissipated her somewhere "East of Florida" in the Bahamas.. Maybe.  

Stay tuned. I have to to go the eye doctor to get a new Rx because the last Rx wasn't as good I think... who can tell really? I hate going to the eye doctor. Hard to explain to him I need it perfect for the loops..   Seriously, time to upgrade my Rx and the one he gave me in August last year that I never used was not good enough and I really hate going to the eye doctor. This one? Or This one? This one? Or this One? Between all the clicking it all looks the same to me. Maybe if they would use little hurricane symbols in those grids I'd be able to tell them which one...

Be back soon...

Besos Bobbi

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